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In case you’ve missed the Career Center’s steady stream of emails or the non-BBA students roaming campus in business professional attire, it’s officially interview season. Like cuffing season, interview season is a time when students realize they might need some longer-term commitment in their lives — beyond a work-study position at the WoodPEC or an unpaid internship at a local magazine. Now is the time to embrace your impending adulthood and prepare to snag that dream job.

What you wear is neither the only nor the most paramount part of the interview process, but how you present yourself throughout the hiring process is important. The ability to discern the difference between business formal, smart business and business casual and to execute the styles of dress appropriately when needed is valuable. If you’re looking to take steps beyond borrowing slacks from a friend whenever you need to dress business professional, then investing in your own business attire can be a wise decision. Plus, a new top or cute shoes can give you that extra spark of confidence. That said, as a college student, dropping lots of cash on something that doesn’t make you feel ready for Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill may seem difficult, but with a few tips, you can look corner-office professional without blowing your first month’s paycheck on clothes.

Traditional/Formal Business Attire


Finders Keepers Fashions, Avondale Estates

The mother store of Finders Keepers Boutique, Finders Keepers Fashions in Avondale offers a larger, more mature collection of women’s clothing. Items are sorted by type, size and color, so it’s ideal for building your own color-coordinated power suit. Seasonal outfit suggestions displayed around the store provide shoppers with a much-needed spark of style inspiration. Avondale’s Finders Keepers also has a separate accessory room for bags and shoes. They have a variety of items, all high quality but at differing prices, so there’s space for you to make and stick to a budget. If you’re looking to rebrand yourself as a job-worthy adult without feeling like you’re playing dress-up with your mom’s closet, then stopping here is worth your time.

Smart Casual Business Attire


Finders Keepers Boutique, North Druid Hills

Finders Keepers Boutique is the newer, sister store to Finders Keepers Fashions, an upscale women’s thrift shop in Avondale Estates. Its items are current and sometimes brand new. The consignment carries some older, vintage pieces (a few Prada and Gucci coats), which are priced accordingly. The store isn’t too large, so while you won’t be overwhelmed finding an interview top, you can still be choosy about your cut and color. This boutique houses a men’s store as well (more than just a section or rack).The men’s and women’s stores, which have separate entrances, are connected by a dressing room and checkout area at the back of the boutique.

Business Casual Attire


Second Life: Luckydog Boutique, Avondale Estates

This relatively simple thrift store in Avondale offers a small, boutique section with brand-name clothing priced slightly higher than their general merchandise. That said, the items found in the Luckydog section are often well worth their prices. With pieces ranging from coats to blouses to shoes, you’re likely to find something that says “Hire me” and fits comfortably. Similar to Finders Keepers Boutique’s limited selections, Lucky’s limited racks guarantee faster shopping and rare finds. If you find the boutique section too small, then you can also browse the rest of the store, where pieces are priced per item, hand-picked and worthy of completing a business professional look.

Casual Business Attire


Goodwill, Briarcliff Road (Location dependent)

Finally, Goodwill has a selection large enough that you can always find something that will work for an interview, especially if you’re in a time crunch. Pricing per item and organization by color make Goodwill a hassle-free stop if you need a button-up in a certain color or a pencil skirt of a particular length.



Interview season is a time of stress and panic, but what you’re wearing doesn’t have to reflect those feelings. Interview attire is just one part of the hiring process, and don’t forget that it’s also a display of your personality. With a stop by one of these local thrift shops, or even a trip to Emory’s Clothing Closet, students can find something professional but comfortable.

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