From winter weather to Wagner’s resignation, this was a busy year for us. Using analytics, here are the 10 stories with the most page views from 2015.

  1. Students Protest Racism on Clifton Road, List Demands for Administration | Nov. 11, 2015
    In response to racial tension and unrest on college campuses around the nation, Emory undergraduate and graduate students blocked Clifton Road, released demands to the administration and voiced their concerns about race relations on Emory’s campus.
  2. Our Opinion: Sorority Recruitment Disempowers Women | Jan. 27, 2015
    The Editorial Board stirred up a sizable debate at the beginning of the year by taking “issue with some of the steps and processes that occur before women are placed into sororities, specifically with the classist, homogenizing and generally exclusive implications of many of the practices.”
  3. New Campus Life Center to Replace the DUC | Jan. 30, 2015
    Students, faculty, administration and alums responded to the plans and design to replace the current Dobbs University Center with a bigger, better Campus Life Center that is “welcoming all students, providing inspiring dining, fostering collaboration, embracing large events and meetings and providing a uniquely ‘Emory’ image and character.”
  4. ‘Fallout 4’: More Apocalypse, More Freedom | Oct. 10, 2015
    Contributing writer Brian Savino’s look at Bethesda Game Studio’s latest installment in the Fallout series garnered a lot of attention, as he wrote “Bethesda’s efforts will not go unnoticed, and many believe that not only will this be the  best and most innovative game we have seen in years, but that it will continue to be just that for years to come.”
  5. EPC Responds to ‘Sorority Recruitment Disempowers Women’ | Jan. 28, 2015
    The Emory Panhellenic Council (EPC) wrote an editorial response to our staff editorial “Sorority Recruitment Disempowers Women.” EPC wrote that they are “always open to criticism, feedback and suggestions, yet [are] disappointed in the medium the Wheel has chosen to express their unresearched and unsubstantiated opinions. EPC encourages the Wheel to strive to facilitate productive discussions while also reporting on the innumerable positive aspects of our community. EPC resolutely supports its recruitment process, our new members and the extraordinary contributions made by the Panhellenic women in our community.​”
  6. University to Sell Pepsi After Dining Vendor Changes | April 1, 2015
    April Fools! The Wheel managed to prank over 40,000 of you on social media by writing that the new University dining vendor was going to abolish Coca-Cola products in favor of Pepsi, joining peer institutions such as the “South Harmon Institute of Technology.” Even though the Editor’s note at the bottom clearly stated the article was a joke, we still managed to receive inquiries from the AJC, CNN and Coca-Cola itself.
  7. Oxford Sophomore Arrested for Threatening Mass Shooting on Yik Yak | Oct. 12, 2015
    Oxford College Sophomore Emily Sakamoto was arrested after posting on Yik Yak “I’m shooting up the school. Tomorrow. Stay in your rooms. The ones on the quad are the ones who will go first,” according to police reports. A substantial amount of time passed between the notification of the threat and notification to students, alarming many.
  8. Emory to Offer Financial Aid to Undocumented Students | April 2, 2015
    The University will provide private, need-based aid to undocumented students, starting with the Class of 2019, University President James W. Wagner announced on the steps of the administration building after a meeting with the student advocacy group for undocumented students Freedom at Emory University. “As a private institution, Emory will use private, non-governmental resources to offer university scholarship support to these qualified students, beginning with the class entering this fall,” Wagner wrote in a statement to the Wheel.
  9. ZBT, Emory Investigate Veterans’ Allegations | April 24, 2015
    Both the Emory and University of Florida chapters of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity were accused of harassing veterans while on their spring formal trip at Panama City Beach, Florida, with reports saying they were “antagonizing warriors, throwing marshmallows on the vehicles, pulling American flags off the vehicles and even urinating on the American flags.” The University of Florida suspended their chapter while Emory ultimately found that its chapter was not involved.
  10. University Removes Chi Phi Fraternity, Campus Groups Apply to Live In House | April 24, 2015
    Marking a dramatic shift in the occupancy of Eagle Row, Chi Phi fraternity was removed from campus for hazing. Coupled with the removal of the Kappa Alpha fraternity, the Office of Residence Life and Housing opened up the two houses for campus groups to apply to live in the house. The Media, Literature and Arts Outreach (MLAO) and the Black Student Alliance now live in those houses.
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Stephen Fowler 16C is the political reporter at Georgia Public Broadcasting, the statewide NPR affiliate in Georgia. He graduated from Emory with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and covered the central administration and Greek Life for the Wheel before serving as assistant news editor, Emory Life editor and the Executive Digital Editor from 2015-16.