It’s been quite a year for Emory. From fraternity suspensions to protests, from Chance the Rapper to the Arab-Israeli Conflict, our University has been buzzing with news and debate.

Based on our web analytics (and not based on any editorial judgment), here are the top 10 stories with the most page views from 2014:

1. “Swastikas Drawn on AEPi Walls” – Oct. 5, 2014 (News)
Our campus was rocked by the news that swastikas had been spray painted on the walls of historically Jewish Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, hours after the end of Yom Kippur. The resulting FBI investigation is still ongoing, although Emory recently stated that it had concluded its conduct procedures for the students found responsible.

2. “Sigma Nu Fraternity Suspended for Five Years Following Hazing Investigation” – May 10, 2014 (News)
Just after the end of the spring semester, the University announced that it had suspended Sigma Nu fraternity for five years after the chapter accepted responsibility for hazing violations.

3. “Multicultural Groups, Greek Probates Reveal New Members and Continue Traditions” – Nov. 25, 2014 (News)
In a feature from new Student Life editor Stephen Fowler, the Wheel delved into the exciting and visually-stunning fall probates and new member reveals of Emory’s multicultural groups and historically black Greek organizations.

4. “Chance Wraps Up Dooley’s Week” – Apr. 7, 2014 (News)
Thousands of Emory students attended this spring’s Dooley’s Ball, featuring musician Chance the Rapper.

5. “Two Students Seriously Injured in Car Accident” – Sept. 23, 2014 (News)
In a shocking and tragic event, two Emory student pedestrians were seriously injured early this semester when a vehicle veered onto the sidewalk after colliding with another car.

6. “Emory Community Should Question Israel” – Nov. 18, 2014 (Editorials)
College senior Anusha Ravi and College junior Ben Crais questioned a student event titled “Ask Me Why I Love Israel,” adding to a semester-long debate over the Arab-Israeli Conflict after the events in Gaza this summer and spurring a response from the student event organizers.

7. “Decoding Emory’s Hackathon” – Apr. 18, 2014 (Student Life)
Social Media/Special Sections Editor Jenna Kingsley dived into the high-tech (and high-stakes) world of Emory’s hackathons in this feature.

8. “IFC Suspends Fraternity Social Activities in Response to Sexual Assault” – Nov. 3, 2014 (News)
In a stunning move, Emory’s Interfraternity Council (IFC) suspended official social events in fraternity houses for a month in response to a Nov. 2 report of a sexual assault and other reports of sexual assaults in fraternity houses. The ban was lifted in early December, after IFC released an action plan addressing concerns of substance abuse and sexual assault.

9. “More Than 74 Students Infected with Gastroenteritis” – Nov. 13, 2014 (News)
Gastroenteritis hit over 100 Emory students after norovirus spread through the school. The University has not released confirmation of the virus’s source yet.

10. “In the Tank with Kaeya Majmundar” – Apr. 25, 2014 (Student Life)
Managing Editor Lizzie Howell profiled College senior Kaeya Majmundar just before she appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to pitch her original BZBox invention.

Honorable Mention: “Solidarity Must Be Comprehensive” – Oct. 6, 2014 (Editorials)
College senior Cara Ortiz penned this editorial after the swastika vandalism on the AEPi house, arguing that the Emory community should respond with such support and vigor to all acts of intolerance and hatred – including sexual assault.

By Sonam Vashi, Executive Editor

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Sonam Vashi (15C) is a freelance journalist in Atlanta who’s written for CNN, The Washington Post, Atlanta magazine, and more.