Beer Pong

The official sport of American colleges, beer pong is a weird combination of bowling and basketball. Throw the ball in the opponent’s cup. Remove and drink any cup of yours that gets a ball thrown in. It’s a staple at frat parties everywhere, although you may find variations depending on who you play with. It’s classically simple, but it’s also a game of competitive finesse! (Warning: competitive finesse may deteriorate as games continue).


“Ice”-ing people

Hide a bottle of Smirnoff Ice somewhere where a male student will accidentally find it. The victim then must chug it, enduring the apparent societal shame of drinking a low-alcohol, “girly” (but tasty!) drink. Other feminine-seeming beverages may be substituted.


Kario Mart

An example of the glorious fusion between video games and binge drinking, Kario Mart adds an interesting and much-needed component to the classic Nintendo game Mario Kart. The only rules: finish your drink before you finish the race, and don’t drink and drive!


‘Ello, Guv’nah!

Because what do Americans like more than poorly impersonating British people?

Count to 21 in a circle with each person saying one number, and once you get to 21, shout “Hello, Governor!” in a cheesy English accent. Each time you begin a new round, the person that starts gets to make up a new, creative rule that goes along with a certain number (ex: “quack like a duck instead of saying ‘four'”). Hilarity ensues.


Flip Cup

This game is a test of speed and accuracy. Place three cups of a drink in front of two teams of three people each. The object is for every person to drink the contents and then flip the turned-down empty cup over the table so that it lands upright – all as quickly as possible, so that the next person on your team can go, like a relay! … with alcohol. First team to finish and flip all cups over wins.


– By Sonam Vashi