Playing by the rules might not sound appealing or exciting, especially if you are an artist or a creator of sorts. Creativity does not care for rubrics, and art cannot be put into watertight compartments of what is right or wrong. In fact, there is no one right way of being an artist. Naturally, when you have to create something, like a photograph or a piece of writing, following the rubrics might be plain off-putting. However, there are a few creative spaces that work well when certain tried and tested rules are applied to them.

One such space is that of photography. Now photographers might heavily rely on their eye for details and the ability to find beauty in the most ordinary things. However, even with their innate talent to find and capture the beauty in photographs, they still follow a few rules that are known to enhance their skills. In this article, we shall talk about those three simple rules of photography that you can follow to tweak your photographic skills on your next travel.

The Three Simple Rules of Photography: 

There are three central rules to photography that make all the difference. Whether you are a good photographer or not depends on how well you can implement these three rules besides your talent. It does not matter what medium you use to click pictures. You could use a smartphone with decent camera quality. However, if you implement these three rules, you shall be able to produce photos of professional quality. So what are these three rules of photography that we have been talking about thus far?

  • Shooting in RAW
  • Using the Rule of Thirds, and
  • Shooting at the golden hour

With these rules deployed optimally and a little bit of passion for learning the skill, you can shoot the best photos on your next trip. Therefore, without any further ado, let us glance through these rules and see how they can enhance pictures of any kind.

Remember to Shoot in RAW:

The first thing to pay attention to is the format in which you are shooting your pictures. You might want to use the JPEG format since it provides the option of capturing photos in the best quality. However, the format itself is horribly limited. On the other hand, the RAW format comes with a number of options. It captures every little detail of the setting, and that is why professionals love to use the RAW format to click pictures. Plus, you can also edit your pictures better with the RAW format. Travel photography, especially with all the landscapes and elements of nature that you would want to click, look the best when clicked in the RAW format. Therefore, there is your first lesson in photography. Use the RAW format to produce professional-looking photos.

Use the Rule of Thirds Generously:

The second and perhaps the most important rule in photography is the Rule of Thirds. Good composition can change the entire look and feel of a photograph. The Rule of Thirds ensures that your photograph is composed appropriately. According to this rule, you need to divide your frame into three equal segments. These three segments shall give you nine equal squares that you can use to effectively place your object of focus and shoot the best picture. The area where the lines intersect must be the part where you must place the object of your photograph. This rule makes it easy for people to not only click photographs with good composition but also makes it super easy for the viewers to understand what the photograph focuses on. Therefore, the Rule of Thirds is one of the most important rules in photography that you must follow for your photos to tell stories.

Finally, Shoot at the Golden Hour:

This is not a rigid rule that you must follow while clicking pictures on your trip. However, the golden hour has an aesthetic quality that makes every photograph look surreal. Every element of nature looks the best at the golden hour. Again, while this is not a requisite for good travel photography, you could definitely try using this tip. Light and shadows play an important role in deciding how your final output is going to pan out in the domain of photography. You might want to try out the golden hour since it is then that pictures look heavenly, magical and has the optimum amount of lighting.

Once you capture the best photos at this hour, boost them up on a Mac that is known to have brilliant editing apps. Photographers generally prefer Macs since they have the right kind of editing tools and software. From finding a visio replacement for mac to come up with charts and diagrams to using a basic tool to correct your photographs, you can do everything on a Mac. Therefore, the final lesson that we have for you is to try to use the golden hour for photography and then edit the same on a Mac.

Wrapping Up:

There are several other rules that you might want to learn to enhance your travel photography skills. However, these three are the basic ones that anyone without even the slightest knowledge about photography can follow. Therefore, follow these rules on your next trip and click professional-looking photographs that you can cherish for the rest of your lives.