Cherry blossoms are in bloom, temperatures are rising and the polar vortex has subsided, bringing in a much-welcomed pollen vortex to Emory University. The pressure of midterms lingers apprehensively over many hardworking students, while the pressure of Greek formal season approaches, inspiring a wave of diet and exercise for one-third of Emory’s student community. Emory students need a guideline for relaxing their minds and bodies, and for this reason, I have devised yet another manifesto that I intend to live my life by. In celebration of winter’s end, I give you, The Springtime Manifesto:

1. The Quad offers to the Emory community a geographically and quadrilaterally desirable location to read, work and laze during sunny, springtime afternoons. I will budget time into my schedule to ensure that I spend some quality time napping atop mud and woodchips beneath some of the many trees on the Quad.

2. My post-winter hibernation body feels feeble after spending too many hours binge watching DVDs that I obtained from the Woodruff Library and gorging myself with food from the Farmers Market. That being said, I intend to utilize the spring weather by walking as much as I can. I will walk to class. I will walk from class. I will walk to Emory Village. I will walk to Emory Point. I will walk without purpose. I will walk for the sake of walking.

3. In addition to strengthening my core, I intend to obtain my beach body tan by frequenting the Clairmont Pool, Emory University’s underutilized alternative to a five-star luxury resort.

4. Cool mornings and breezy afternoons mean one thing: it is time to start substituting some library time for outside study time. I will begin to work outside at the metal tables on Cox Hall Bridge, or on the balcony of the Carlos Museum, or on Highland Bakery’s patio. And if I cannot manage studying outside, I will at least schedule some rendezvous to catch up with old and new friends at these outdoor locations.

5. I will stock up on an aggressive supply of allergy medication.

6. I will tap into my inner transcendentalist by paying a visit to Lullwater Park, the ideal on campus location for wandering, daydreaming and meditating. I will complement my visit to Lullwater Park with a copy of the Lullwater Review, Emory University’s nationally recognized student-run literary review.

7. While McDonough Field serves as the venue for both Homecoming and Dooley’s Ball, the field also offers to the university community an optimal location for students to dabble in sport and watch occasional outdoor film screenings. At some point before finals, I will partake in an aggressive game of Ultimate Frisbee, and I will attend one of these outdoor film screenings.

8. Dooley’s Ball has arrived in tandem with the spring weather. I will pay a visit to McDonough Field tonight, and on Saturday I will go back and view performing artist Chance the Rapper. What have I got to lose?

In fulfilling the items listed above, I will maximize my Emory experience by utilizing the campus’s springtime resources to the best of my ability. This is how I have decided to live my Emory experience. How will you live yours?

– By Casey Horowitz