A lot happened at Emory this year, so perhaps it’s time to take a look back at the most read stories on the Wheel‘s website. There are several noticeable patterns, so see if you can spot any. 

15. “An Open Letter From the AAUP,” Oct. 30, 2012, The Emory chapter of the American Association of University Professors called for an “immediate review” of the process that led to the department changes announced in the fall.

14. “Emory to Remove Chick-fil-A from Cox Hall,” March 12, 2013, As part of a facelift the food court is undergoing, Emory decided to remove the popular fast-food chain from Cox due to negative student feedback.

13. “Committee Helped Forman Evaluate Departments,” Sept. 20, 2012, Surprise! Another story about the department changes. This story focused on the College Financial Advisory Committee, which helped College Dean Robin Forman evaluate the eliminated departments.

12. “Faculty Clash with Forman at Meeting,” Oct. 5, 2012, Yup, yet another story about the cuts. Many faculty members weren’t too thrilled, to say the least, about the announcement, and more than 100 of them attended a special meeting with Forman to express their concerns.

11. “Fraternity Houses, Sports Fields to Be Demolished,” April 1, 2012, The Wheel is quite proud that we were able to fool 2,951 readers with this story.

10. “English Dept. Faculty Members Respond to Wagner’s Column,” March 6, 2013, University President James W. Wagner faced considerable backlash for his column in Emory Magazine. And many English faculty members explained why they felt these criticisms were justified.

9. “Former Emory Professor Sues University for Alleged Discrimination in Tenure Case,” Jan. 18, 2013, A former assistant professor in the Department of German Studies sued the University claiming discrimination in administrators’ decision to deny him tenure.

8. “Faculty Censure Wagner, Consider No Confidence,” Feb. 21, 2013, Wagner makes it closer to the top of the list of most-read stories. This time, faculty censured him at their monthly meeting as they considered holding a “no confidence” ballot.

7. “Controversy Arises Over Wagner’s Column,” Feb. 19, 2013, Here we go again.

6. “Ten Fictional Deaths That Broke Our Hearts,” Feb. 18. 2013, A shout-out to former Managing Editor Roshani Chokshi, who wrote this story on, well, 10 deaths in fiction stories that apparently left us heartbroken.

5. “Abramowitz Predicts 2012 Election Results,” Sept. 13, 2012, Alan Abramowitz, professor of political science, predicted Obama was going to win the election by a close margin of about 1.2 percent.

4. “EMORY SHUTS DOWN DEPARTMENTS,” Sept. 18, 2012, Hey, did you hear about the department cuts?

3. “Lamar to Perform at Dooley’s Week,” Feb. 8, 2013, The Wheel broke the story that rapper Kendrick Lamar, DJ 3LAU and comedian Hannibal Buress would be performing on campus from April 1-6.

2. “Faculty Letter to President Wagner,” Feb. 18, 2013, Faculty from the Departments of History and African American Studies joined the English faculty in expressing their disappointment in Wagner.

1. “College Downsizes Departments, Phases Out Programs, Faculty, Staff,” Sept. 14, 2013, The first Wheel article of approximately 1 million more about the cuts.

– Compiled by Executive Editor Jordan Friedman

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