It smelled a little bit like summer this week, once in a while, deep breath and it’s a Southern December I’m not used to but I’m not complaining. That’s why I came here, isn’t it? A little extra sun? A little something new and a little less concrete jungle, a little more … treeful.

It’s still a little summery now at week’s end, like this summer past, if only in that it’s still grey, and we’re still looking ahead to what’s next, and the semester’s not quite finished but we’re waiting for the Spring. While waiting, while sipping lots of caffeine to get me through the last few days, I notice that this is maybe the first holiday season I can actually appreciate.

Snowy Starbucks cups and an embarrassing craving for Christmas music, because who doesn’t love Mariah Carey with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots – the only thing that could top her original “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which really puts me in the mood for … home.

Reminding you that we’re almost there, that finals will end (until the next round of ink smudges and noses in books and late-night library nights), I wish you good music and good cheer for whatever it is you celebrate. Find something to celebrate, even if you’re a grinch. You deserve it.


-By Chloe Olewitz