I think we’re all trying to cheat the weather gods a bit these weeks, hoping that a singular ray of sunshine in the middle of a rainy afternoon is good cause for shorts and flip flops.  It will go up to 60 at some point this day, I might as well wear my t-shirt now, we seem to say standing in front of our between seasons dorm room closets in the mornings.

So we shiver walking past Peavine, stumbling up the hill to the WoodPEC just to cut through a warm building for a few extra minutes because maybe we overestimated the early Spring weather just a tad.  And then of course there’s Wednesday’s beautiful, top down, sunglasses style, wish we had class on the quad kind of afternoon.  It’s all a little confusing I think.

Highland hop happens again, and seniors start to feel the pressure of passing time the same way our undecideds feel the push to choose a path of study that they’re sure will determine the rest of their lives forever and ever.  I hear upperclassmen whispering about their future plans or hopes or dreams, glad they studied absolutely nothing or studied harder than the rest, glad they made college what they would.

Sometimes I hear them forget, as we all do, through midterm exams and lengthy research papers with too many meetings and everyone hates group projects.  But the sun will shine, I tell myself, and in Atlanta when it rains the weather is heavy with the change of seasons and cozy days to hide out in the library… or maybe the movies.

By Chloe Olewitz