Parth Mody / Former Photo Editor

The Depot by Kaldi’s Coffee failed its most recent health inspection from the DeKalb County Board of Health on March 15, receiving 60 points out of 100. Any score below 70 fails the inspection.

The inspection report notes 17 Georgia food service violations, including improper sanitation methods, storage of expired foods and food contact with dirty surfaces. Most of the violations were corrected on-site, according to the report.

The inspector found containers of black beans, kale and sliced turkey seven days past expiration. The inspector also found open containers with lettuce and quiche one day past expiration.

The main cook was observed “constantly pulling up pants while making food” and another employee was observed handling a deli sandwich wrap after picking up a fallen receipt from the floor, according to the report.

The inspector noted raw animal food stored next to cooked foods, including packages of raw bacon stored next to cooked potatoes and raw shelled eggs stored beside ready-to-eat salad dressing.

The report also states that employees failed to wash their hands after contamination. The inspector found dirty food preparation equipment and dishes stored as if they were clean.

The coffee shop has received two “A” grades in the past two years, earning 95 in April 2018 and 93 in July 2017.

DeKalb County Board of Health will conduct a follow-up inspection on March 26, according to the report. Any restaurant that receives a failing score must undergo a follow-up inspection and will be requested to close if it fails again.

Keith Kildron, vice president of retail operations at Kaldis’ headquarters, told the Wheel that the company has corrected the violations in the report and noted that the location had scored well in previous years.

“We’re reviewing our procedures and implementing enhancements to prevent this from happening again,” Kildron wrote in a March 15 email to the Wheel. “We see this as an anomaly and are fully committed to continuing to maintaining our high standards in the future.”

Cox Hall Food Court received a “C” grade in October 2018 with an overall score of 76. Inspectors cited violations such as raw animal food stored near ready-to-eat meals and improper temperature of chicken and rice.

Kaldi’s Coffee operates two other locations on campus, in Cox Hall and the School of Medicine. The Emory Student Center (ESC) will also house a Kaldi’s Coffee when completed.