Tag: Underrated Artworks That Deserve High Praise

Bisa Butler Weaves a Narrative: Textiles as Portraiture

Among the sins of the art world, few are as awful as intentional exclusion and marginalization of minorities. For centuries, both the medium of textiles and the narratives of people of color have been systematically excluded from the top-tier of the art historical canon, which has largely been dominated by oil paintings and classical sculpture [...]

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Art With a Purpose: The Paccha, an Incan Planting Vessel

The paccha, a ritual watering vessel. (Michael C. Carlos Museum/Michael McKelvey) We rarely value the artistic merit of functional objects. However, respecting both the function and the beauty of an object begets a deeper understanding of that object, artistic or otherwise.  Many ancient civilizations, including the Incan people who lived in the southern highlands of [...]

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