The beginning of fall marks the aroma of apples and cinnamon, breezy chilly nights and the sound of crisp fall leaves. Along with the temperature drop comes the excitement of wearing big sweaters, chunky scarves and stylish boots. But as the season progresses and the excitement wears down, many students’ go-to outfit becomes a sweatshirt and sweatpants.


Many girls have three identical pairs of black leggings, which they resort to because there are not many things that are more comfortable than leggings. Invest in a couple of quality leggings, which come in a variety of styles and colors, if you haven’t already.


This style of top fits well on almost all body types and is simple enough to mix and match with many outfits; it’s a casual shirt perfect for a lazy day.

Oversized Sweaters

One of the most classic fall clothing items, oversized sweaters not only go with almost every bottom, but also match with boots, flats and sandals. Complement this piece by pairing it with sandals and then swapping it out for your favorite ankle boots. Pair a large oversized sweater with tighter bottoms to pull off an effortless yet comfortable look.


A layering essential, the flannel is a classic piece that adds a rustic element to one’s outfit. Flannels can act as shirts, jackets or even an accessory if tied around the waist.

Boyfriend Jeans

This style of jean is currently in trend and consequently an easy find. This look gives the impression that you spent a lot more time on your outfit than you actually did and doesn’t suffocate your legs like leggings or skinny jeans sometimes can. They go well with tighter tops and basically any shoes.


Cardigans are essential fall pieces in a wardrobe. If there were one clothing item to hoard, it would definitely be cardigans. An essential for transitions between the seasons, students can pair their favorite summer tank with a cardigan to wear it throughout the year. They come in such a wide variety of styles that it is hard to go wrong.


In addition to keeping your neck warm, scarves are often the perfect accessory to make a blander outfit more interesting. Scarves can be a bolder accent piece than jewelry, and on top of that, are extremely comfortable. Students can try tying them in many different ways for unique looks. Scarves are easily added on top of oversized sweaters, dresses, cardigans etc.

Comfort is often the first priority for college students when it comes to fashion. However, cold weather does not mean that fashion should be sacrificed.  The easy staple pieces mentioned in this guide will definitely help students look cute and feel comfortable during these next few months.