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It’s easy to get bored studying in the same spot in the same library day after day for the entire semester. Studying doesn’t have to be a drag – if you’re going to spend most of your free time doing homework, you might as well spend time in fun and unique spots on campus. Try out these new locations alone or with a friend, and get ready to hit the books!

William L. Matheson Current Periodicals Reading Room

Aesthetically pleasing and tranquil, this reading room on the second floor of Candler looks like something straight out of a dark academia Pinterest board. This hidden gem can only be accessed through the second floor of Robert W. Woodruff Library. The dark wood shelves, chandeliers and white marble statues give the space a classic feel that the modern architecture on campus can’t quite imitate. From individual study desks to communal tables, couches and armchairs, this spot offers a variety of seating to meet all your studying needs. 

This is also one of the quietest spaces on campus, making it perfect for those who prefer a less busy environment. Just be careful when taking a seat – the chairs scratching the floor echo loudly.  

Goizueta Business School Quad

Once the weather cools down, the outdoors are a calm, low-stress environment for studying. The business school quad, with its lush lawns, deck chairs and table seating is perfect – especially on the weekends when foot traffic is low. As a bonus, Costa Coffee is right there on the quad. Grab a vanilla oat cold brew or a snack, and get to studying!

Emory Student Center Individual Study Spots

Located on the ESC second and third floors facing northwest, there are individual study cubbies. The seclusion these seats offer may aid those who are easily distracted or self-conscious when working near other people. The seats are comfortable, and each cubby comes with a small table to put a computer or textbook on. 

In addition to offering a comfy and private place to study, the best part is the view. These cubbies are placed in front of huge, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking McDonough Field, with the Atlanta skyline lingering in the distance. During the day, the natural lighting prevents eye-strain from computer screens, and once the sun starts to go down, the view of the sunset is breathtaking. 

Kaldi’s at the Depot

This spot is perfect for snacking, socializing and studying with a group of friends while also finishing group projects and light homework. There are plenty of booths and group tables for larger groups of people. Music plays on the speakers, making for an upbeat and energetic vibe. However, if you’d prefer a more low-key work environment, the outdoor deck seating in the autumn months is less crowded and quieter. 

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