If you’re like me and don’t enjoy coffee as a source of caffeine, tea is the perfect substitute. In addition to always needing a cup of tea to kick-start my day, an extra boost of caffeine is especially necessary with finals just around the corner. Tea lovers, I did the hard work for you. I took a trip to Kaldi’s Coffee and taste tested their most popular teas so that you wouldn’t have to waste your time finding the best one.

Passion Fruit Lime Iced Tea 

For the first tea I tried, this wasn’t an awful start. Since I initially took it without any sweetener, it lacked in flavor. However, a dash of Stevia slightly enhanced the flavor profile. Although I could taste a faint fruity aroma, it wasn’t as much as one would expect from the name. Though I suspect some of the ice could have diluted the taste, I’d suggest you skip this one. 

Black Iced Tea

 This is my go-to iced tea at Kaldi’s and would call this the most basic for all tea lovers. It’s simple, with just the right amount of a malty, sweet flavor, and it will leave you energized throughout your studying. As an avid tea drinker over the last few years, I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to black teas. This tea is a solid sip for those seeking a wake-up instead of something more flavorful.

Moroccan Jasmine Mint Green Tea

I was the most skeptical about this tea because, shockingly, I have never tasted mint tea before. After just the first sip, I knew I should’ve maintained my distance from mint. Although gum and mint-flavored ice cream are a popular flavor profile, it felt like I was brushing my teeth. While the Moroccan Jasmine Mint  was overpowering and cooling, there was also a hint of sweetness. Mint fans, this may be your holy grail.

Tea lovers, take a trip to Kaldi’s Coffee and sip on a cozy tea for an extra boast of caffeine this finals season./ Lauren Blaustein, Contributing

Hibiscus Elixir

 Not only is its name eye-catching, but this Hibiscus Elixir also packs a rich punch. Ginger and fruity notes blend perfectly into a beautiful synchronicity. If you’re sensitive to taste or don’t enjoy a pungent flavor, consider watering it down a bit. The hibiscus elixir tea was incredibly refreshing despite being a hot tea.

Indian Rose Garden 

I bought this tea thinking I wouldn’t like it. What is the taste of rose? What is the taste of India? But, to my pleasant surprise, it was actually enjoyable. Although I usually drink tea for caffeine, the Indian rose garden tea relaxed me. The tea might not be the best for studying, but it’s a strong companion for a day spent cuddling up with your laptop. It boasted a subtle yet sweet and floral taste. Mixed with a little honey, the tea also serves as the perfect dessert when you’re not up for something heavy. 

As the semester comes to a close, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars on tea to provide the burst of energy we all desperately need for that study grind. These Kaldi’s teas work well for a self-care and relaxing night, too. While I didn’t enjoy every tea I tested, I would recommend tea drinkers challenge themselves and try new flavors. You might be pleasantly surprised.