Another homecoming week has come and gone – this year, under the banner of Swoop’s Week.
The Student Programming Council’s (SPC) reworked theme was intended to promote Emory’s lesser-loved mascot, supporting athletics and school spirit. The week kicked off with a celebration in Asbury Circle, and Tuesday featured “Angry Eagles,” a live-action take on the game “Angry Birds.” Other events included a performance by comedian David Koechner on Thursday, a performance by Spanish DJ Danny Avila on Friday and a performance by alt-rock band Dispatch on Saturday afternoon. On the whole, we at the Wheel were impressed with the first annual Swoop’s Week. Although we were initially skeptical of the decision to change the theme for homecoming, we feel that SPC committed to the theme and integrated it well into the week’s events.
Additionally, the comedy show, which is typically held in Glenn Memorial Church, was moved to the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building (WHSCAB). When Hannibal Buress performed last April for Dooley’s Week, our editorial board joined other community members in voicing complaints that Glenn Memorial was not the ideal venue for potentially offensive comedic material involving religion. We are glad to see that the SPC moved this year’s comedian to a more appropriate venue.
Especially in light of contemporary concerns about the safety of electronic dance music concerts, we feel that Friday night’s concert was well thought-out and organized. Free water, sodas and food were made available to concertgoers. Although the crowd could be a little rowdy at times – several students were almost dropped on their heads while crowd surfing – event security did a good job of ensuring that everyone could enjoy the music safely. We feel that Dispatch was an excellent choice of performer for Saturday afternoon’s concert. The band, known for its laid-back, alt-rock sound, set the scene on this warm afternoon. Concertgoers lounged in the grass as the band strummed away on stage, playing music that both students and alumni could enjoy.
Healthy attendance numbers at most events prove that Swoop’s Week was exceptionally well-advertised this year. Information regarding the week’s events was published well in advance and the Swoop’s Week Facebook page served as an important hub for engaging Emory students. We at the Wheel frequently encourage the SPC to improve its advertising, and we were pleased with this year’s improvement.