Just in time for fall and, subsequently, legging season, Spanx has just launched a new line of jeans. Spanx denim is a skinny fit, comfortable and versatile must-have addition to any closet. Don’t be fooled by any preconceived notions you may have about the word “spanx” because these jeans are not like any other. Offered in both indigo and black, Spanx denim look like jeans but fit more comfortably and snugly than normal ones.

Josie Brucker is the store manager of Emory Point’s very own Fab’rik clothing store, which is now carrying Spanx denim. A small boutique-style clothing store with trendy and affordable clothing, Fab’rik also gives out a 15 percent discount for students every Tuesday. Brucker said she was very excited about the new brand, while she herself sported an indigo pair.

To kick off the debut of Spanx denim, Brucker invited a few local fashionistas, including Stephanie Loutsenko of Her Campus Emory and Alaina Banks of the fashion blog Butterfly Parkway to the Emory Point Fab’rik store last Tuesday to see the jeans for themselves.

While snacking on appetizers from Marlow’s Tavern and perusing the store’s apparel, the women discussed the latest fashion trends and what they’re most excited about for fall. The fashionistas then tried on their own pair of Spanx denim.

Every reaction was the same. Shouts of excitement, only slightly muffled, could be heard behind changing room curtains as each girl tried on her own pair of Spanx and, evidently, loved it. As they emerged from the fitting rooms, not a single pair of Spanx looked out of place. The best part of this new brand of denim, as voiced by all, was that it looked great on all of them despite their height differences. Spanx denim represents a comfortable and stylish pair of jeans and the perfect studywear for a day in the library, a day running errands or an evening dressed up with heels. The bottom line was that Spanx denim were a must.

If you’re looking for an amazing purchase and perhaps a classy and elegant place to shop, Spanx denim is great for a day of studying, while perusing the shelves of Fab’rik can provide a nice study break as well. ​ 

–By Hilleary Gramling