Continuing Student Life’s series of hard-hitting journalism, the Wheel’s top expert in all things sugary brings you yet another piece of mouth-watering muckraking. After intensive investigations into Dunkin’ Donuts’ various baked offerings, Sonam presents the top of the pastry pack – the most glorious, majestic donuts found on campus.

It’s the quintessential item with no fancy additions necessary. The sweet, delectable old-fashioned donut is a classic staple of breakfast food around the world, and it goes perfectly with your coffee. Unlike many of the other donuts found at Dunkin’, the old-fashioned donut isn’t overpoweringly sweet, and it also won’t get your hands too messy.

Chocolate Glazed
Traditional glazed donuts are great. Glazed with chocolate frosting is even better. But the full chocolate cake glazed donut? Perfection. It combines the rich, sensual decadence of chocolate cake with an added sugary coating that can lift anyone’s spirits.

Strawberry Frosted
This one’s at least kind of healthy with the whole fruit thing, right? Either way, the strawberry frosting is what makes this donut stand out. It’s colorful, tasty and can even have sprinkles! What more do you need in life?

Cinnamon Powdered
While you might make the largest mess known to man while eating it, the cinnamon powdered donut is delicious enough to make up for the debris. Its soft, fluffy texture mixes perfectly with the sweetly spicy flavor – it’s dessert with a small kick. So, while your clothes (and hands and face) might bear the residue of your treat, your taste buds will surely thank you (just kidding, taste buds aren’t sentient).

Yes, this isn’t really a donut, but DD’s munchkins are cute enough to be on this list. They’re portable, poppable and spherical – which are all benefits in my book. You can get 20 or 50 to share (or not), or you can even just buy one for a few cents to satisfy a sudden urge.

–By Sonam Vashi