With less than a week remaining until everyone’s least favorite romantic holiday, it’s probably time to think about what to do with your significant other for this year’s Valentine Day. While you may feel inclined to evaluate whether your relationship is worth the work, this upcoming week is not the time for an existential meltdown. Pull up your boots and get ready to plan a totally passable Valentine’s gift because, let’s be honest, your other (better) half is probably going to get you something thoughtful and considerate.

Emory Spirit Wear

Everybody loves a comfy sweatshirt or trendy Thermos, but beware — basic gifts from the campus Barnes and Noble will scream haphazard. Instead, check out some online retailers for zany, unique gifts that your S.O. will love. Comfy Swoop slippers from Fanatics are only $7.99 and perfect for a fledgling relationship that doesn’t justify exorbitant spending just yet. But if you and your loved one have been going steady since the first week of freshman year, and you need to lay down some cash (or at least look like you did), try this bracelet ($36) from Etsy that features some Emory flare.

Other great gifts include a University map print ($25) from Etsy for the sweetheart in desperate need of room decor and a humorous #dooley graphic tee ($17) from Etsy for the one who can’t stop making jokes. If all else fails, check out a local thrift store, like Finders Keepers or Last Chance, for some vintage Emory swag.

Campus Picnic

If you’ve got less than $10 in your bank account, this might be the year to skip gifts and opt for a tried-and-true method of countless lovers: the outdoor picnic. With one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States at your disposal, you’d be remiss not to let nature do the talking in your romance, especially with a 62 degree forecast for next week’s big day. Some of the best spots include obvious ones, like Lullwater Preserve and the Quadrangle, but you can try some unorthodox locations, too. Venture to the outdoor balcony of the Michael C. Carlos Museum, a spot typically reserved for the night owls of Emory’s campus. Freshmen can also venture to Clairmont Campus for a nice afternoon on the lawn. If worst comes to worst, sweet-talk your way onto Complex Hall’s rooftop garden, located between the fourth floors of Hopkins Hall and Thomas Hall.

Short on Time

If your Wednesday is booked with classes and meetings galore, the least you can do is block out a quick meal at Cox Hall or breakfast at the DUC-ling. If a meal seems infeasible, then try to prepare a gift in the days prior. Ali’s Cookies offers adorable Valentine’s Day Sweet Heart and Heartstring Cookie Pails for $39 each. Or have Peachtree Flowers deliver a bouquet right to your lover’s door. Although prices can err on the expensive side ($49.95-$89.95), they offer same-day delivery in the Atlanta area.

Long Distance

If your special someone doesn’t live at Emory, then time is of the essence — you only have a few days to mail them the perfect present. Grand Traverse Pie Company delivers gourmet selection pies to anywhere in the U.S. While the company offers a variety of options including a Petoskey Lime Pie, Lakeshore Berry Crumble Pie and Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, the company’s best offering is their “signature” cherry pie. If you are looking for a less decadent gift, stick to basics and order a heart-shaped Domino pizza for your paramour.


Although time is running out, you can still throw together a semblance of material affection for your loved one. Whether your plan involves something basic, like flowers and chocolate, or something more orchestrated, like a sappy guitar serenade, just remember that your sweetheart will (probably) love you no matter the shortcomings of your gift.