Dobbs DUC

The Dobbs University Center (DUC). Photo by Jason Oh.

By Luke White
Contributing Writer

The 48th Legislature of the Student Government Association (SGA) voted to approve the nominations of two students to administrative positions on SGA yesterday evening.

Vice President for Finance and College senior Patrick O’Leary nominated College junior Neerav Jashnani for the position of Assistant Vice President for Finance.

O’Leary cited Jashnani’s previous experience with managing Student Activity Fee funds and finances that he developed by working as Assistant Vice President for Finance last year and as an intern in Financial Services with the Swiss banking firm UBS.

“[Jashnani will] make a great addition to the team,” O’Leary said. “My plan for his position is to [have him] work on some special projects that I can’t get to because of the day-to-day work that I do.”

The SGA Governance Committee supported the nomination and subsequently approved Jashnani’s appointment by a unanimous vote.

SGA Attorney General and College senior Chris Weeden nominated College freshman Sagar Agarwal for the position of Assistant Attorney General.

Weeden explained that he intended to groom Agarwal as his successor, and he mentioned that Agarwal had participated in numerous activities during high school that had prepared him for the role.

SGA Senior Representative, Governance Committee Chairman and College senior Josh Wentzel added that his committee unanimously backed Agarwal for the position based on the strength of his resume and the successful interview they conducted with him.

SGA voted unanimously to approve Agarwal’s nomination.

SGA Vice President and College junior Raj Tilwa reminded SGA members that the second Community Conversations of the year will be taking place tonight (Nov. 11) at 6 p.m. in the Winship Ballroom on the third floor of the Dobbs University Center (DUC).

Started by College junior and SGA President Jon Darby and Tilwa this year, Community Conversations provides public forums for discussion about topics chosen by the Emory community from a list created by SGA.

This particular meeting will focus mainly on food and dining services on Emory’s campus, including the possible renovation of Zaya at Dooley’s Den at the Depot and the upcoming expiration of Emory Dining’s 10-year Sodexo contract.

The first Community Conversations, held in September, focused on what community members valued or would change at Emory.

College sophomore and SGA Campus Services Chairman Max Zoberman announced that following discussions with Woodruff Library staff members, the library’s stacks will remain open on Fridays and Saturdays until 11:30 p.m., beginning in January 2015.

Zoberman also said he had met with the Advisory Committee on Campus Services and with Emory Police Department (EPD) Chief Craig Watson in order to plan two safety walkthroughs of the Emory campus in its entirety for later this year.

During the walkthroughs, participants will identify areas on campus where security measures, such as blue lights, need to be added.

These efforts function as part of the Campus Services Committee’s larger initiatives to prevent the occurrence of violence and sexual assault at Emory.

– By Luke White, Contributing Writer