The 48th Legislature of the Student Government Association (SGA) convened for the second time ever to provide updates about legislative activities, however the Legislature was not able to confirm new members to the executive board because there were not enough legislators present.

Recently elected SGA President and College sophomore Jon Darby attributed the lack of legislators present to the fact that some positions, like graduate school and freshmen representatives, have not been elected yet. SGA Vice President and College sophomore Raj Tilwa added that this time of year is busy for everyone.

Darby informed the Legislature that SGA will be contributing to Denim Day, a philanthropy event hosted by the Respect Program to raise sexual assault awareness.

Darby said that for every person photographed wearing denim this Wednesday, April 23 on the Dobbs University Center (DUC) Terraces, the SGA executive branch will donate $1 to the Respect Program.

Darby also said a data entry specialist, which was created following the discovery of an accounting error in December has been hired. His name is Scott Wile, and he has worked with Emory before.

“I think he will be a fantastic addition [to the SGA business office],” Darby said.

The Legislature also discussed potential new meeting locations.

According to Darby, the University is losing money to maintain the current meeting space in the DUC faculty dining room and will be re-purposed over the summer.

Some suggestions for new meeting locations included Eagles’ Landing, the Few Multipurpose Room, the B. Jones room of the Robert W. Woodruff Library, Cox Hall Ballroom, room 525 of Goizueta Business School and Winship Ballroom.

Darby said he is in favor of Eagles’ Landing because the space was originally intended for student organizations to meet.

Next week, the Legislature will vote to confirm College junior Chris Weeden, who served as SGA Attorney General this past year, to the same position and College junior Patrick O’Leary as SGA Vice President for Finance.

They will also vote to confirm College sophomore Adam Goldstein as SGA Chief of Staff.

Later this week, the SGA Executive Branch will also be conducting interviews for committee chair positions, selected from the Legislature.

–By Rupsha Basu

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