Photo by Luke White

Photo by Luke White

The 48th Legislature of the Emory Student Government Association (SGA) passed three bills on Monday evening, including one that mandates clubs to submit specific plans for how they intend to use at least 70 percent of the funds they request during the budgeting process, and two bills proposing the appointments of new members to SGA administrative positions.

Vice President for Finance and College senior Patrick O’Leary submitted Bill 48sl23 proposing that SGA require student organizations to submit justifications for a minimum of 70 percent of the funds that they request during the club budgeting process.

As part of this bill, no more than 30 percent of a club’s yearly funds may be allocated unless that club has submitted an organized plan for how it intends to use the money or unless the SGA vice president for finance decides otherwise.

Additionally, the bill would require all anticipated events to be accounted for within the club’s submitted budget.

“This [bill] … will allow student organizations to budget more responsibly,” College junior and SGA President Jon Darby said.

Darby added that “funding will be distributed more equitably, and it will equip our student leaders for success in the real world.”

In a previous SGA meeting, O’Leary, who was absent on Monday’s meeting, said that many other divisions within Emory already require an upfront budgeting process within their organization.

He hoped that by implementing similar changes, SGA could ensure that clubs would not mismanage their funds as they have often done in the past.

The bill passed by a 14-0-6 vote.

Elections Board Chair and College junior Reuben Lack and Darby submitted Bill 48sl23, which nominated Oxford College sophomore and Oxford Elections Board Chair Christopher Lam for the position of University-wide election commissioner.

Darby said that Lam had considerable experience in a similar position at Oxford, and he noted that Lam “came with the highest recommendation.”

The bill passed unanimously.

Darby submitted Bill 48sl23 proposing the confirmation of Goizueta Business School junior and Wheel Sales Associate Bryce Robertson as chief justice of SGA and the Emory Constitutional Council.

As the most senior non-graduating associate justice of the Emory Constitutional Council, Robertson is naturally the next in line for the chief justice position.

SGA passed the bill by unanimous consent.

— By Luke White