The 49th Legislature of the Emory Student Government Association (SGA) gathered for its first meeting of the school year to discuss University changes, future collaboration with the College Council (CC) and expectations for the year. There were no legislative reports, announcements or bills introduced.

College junior and Speaker of the Legislature Crystal McBrown asked if any members would like to represent SGA at CC, but no one volunteered.

College senior and SGA President Raj Tilwa said that members can also email him if any legislators change their mind.

As a result, voting for an SGA representative to CC did not take place.

Vice President and College junior Max Zoberman emphasized the importance of the position since SGA and CC can collaborate on many issues, and he said he anticipates collaboration in the future.

McBrown introduced College junior and CC liaison Taj Singh, who emphasized cross-collaborating and communicating so both groups can be more efficient with achieving their goals.

McBrown then introduced guest speaker Richard Lee from Emory Mail Services. He explained changes that the mail center made over the summer in order to increase efficiency during the year. These changes included shifting to six-tier shelving to handle the increased influx of packages. He found that this improved efficiency by 12 percent.

Lee expressed that many juniors and seniors did not like the changes that they started to implement last semester, but says most opinions have changed. By keeping the people working at the center constant, he learned that students began to build more trust with the mail center.

“When you go to our center, it’s not set any more as A to Z,” Lee said. ” We decreased the amount of people in the center and increased efficiency.

Lee expressed his hope to come back in January to share other projects the mail center is going to try to implement.

Tilwa and Zoberman expressed their hope for an overall productive year, urging members to start thinking about initiatives.

An SGA retreat immediately followed the adjourning of the session. The retreat was established for the purpose of meeting members and educating them on the policies and positions of SGA.