Set Boundaries: Communication is Key

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Moving to college can be a scary transition for anyone who has never lived away from home before.

New classes, friends and environments are just some of the situations new undergraduates will be placed in. It is up to each individual student to make the best out of every positive and negative situation, including the very real possibility of having a roommate.

Another very important aspect to having a roommate is to set up lights out or quiet hours. While you may be used to being rowdy and rambunctious until 2 in the morning, your new roommate may go to bed at 10 p.m. Discuss with your roommate when you each go to bed and wake up so that everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

The following three points are also crucial to having a successful roommate experience:

Be Polite

College dorm rooms are small spaces usually shared by two people. Belongings are bound to get mixed up between the two people. That being said, do not just assume you can borrow something that does not belong to you. Always ask first unless you have explicitly discussed other arrangements with your roommate.

Treat Your Roommate the Way You Want to Be Treated

This is the golden rule for life in general, but is even more important for college undergraduates.

Be Understanding

Things happen in college. Be understanding and thoughtful. Help your roommate if they need help without complaining because, at some point, the roles will be reversed.

— By Dana Youngentob, Social Media Editor