Senior Reflections: Alyssa Weinstein

After four years, the class of 2016 has transitioned from students, to alumni. Six graduating seniors have reflected upon their undergraduate experiences. Alyssa Weinstein, from Millburn, New Jersey, discusses her time at Emory. 


Of all the difficult things I have taken on at Emory — massive research papers, running the College’s student government, working a 20-hour job and managing a full course load and running a half marathon — summing up my last four years here may actually be the most difficult task. I’ve decided to frame this with the help of the medium that I’m most comfortable expressing myself in: Snapchat. If I had a Snapchat story that covered my last four years at Emory, these would be the highlights:

  • Freshman move-in. Being simultaneously overwhelmed by how nice the building was and how isolating dorm life could be. Learning how to live with another person in the same room, but also meeting my best friends down the hall. Lots of selfies.
  • Bid day. Relief at the end of recruitment matched only by excitement for getting to know some of the best people I would meet at Emory.
  • Running for sophomore legislator of College Council. Getting over social anxiety to approach hundreds of students to put myself out there and ask for their vote.
  • Attending ICE Diwali. Getting to see a vibrant cultural celebration and unfamiliar traditions.
  • Getting an internship at the White House. Knowing that hard work and a ton of luck could take me to places I had only dreamed of.
  • Coming to campus for my senior year. Having dinner with President Carter. Confusion about where time went. Feeling #SWUG.

The rest is a blur of late nights in the library, lots of brunches, intense conversations about the meaning of life and my cult obsession with campus a capella groups. Thank you, Emory, these memories will last far beyond the 10-second limit on Snapchat photos.