As cofashionllege students, it can be a huge challenge to stay stylish while balancing a social life, attending classes, studying, working out and even just existing in such a busy atmosphere. College student stereotypes usually involve an image of an overworked, overtired and slovenly youth, generally wearing yoga or sweat pants. While there may be some truth to some aspects of that stereotype, most students in college, especially at Emory, care about their studies and therefore, may devote all-nighters to getting good grades.

This does not mean that maintaining a good sense of style and being a college student are mutually exclusive. It is possible to be trendy and comfortable while studying and working hard at the same time. The two students above are great examples of how to be fashionable on the run, whether running errands, studying or just going to class.

College senior Malcolm Robinson, on the left, is clad in a comfortable sweatshirt, black jogger-like pants and brown high-top sneakers. His outfit is simple yet cohesive, put-together and comfortable. His sartorial choices do not stand out as too excessive in any sense, but his look is neither careless nor disheveled. The important lesson here is that with a few simple and relatively creative pieces, an outfit can easily be cozy without being too cozy. His outfit is stylish without losing a sense of utility.

On the right is freshman Blair Ely, headedfashion1 to class in a graphic tee, dark “jeggings” and some classic cerulean blue Adidas slides. She is also sporting a put-together look; her outfit is an excellent example of how to maintain both style and purpose. Bringing the same feel of simplicity, ease and comfort, her outfit is also a bit of a throwback, as her slides and t-shirt have a classic and vintage feel to them.

The key to both of these outfits is that both individuals are wearing comfortable bottoms and have added flair to their footwear and tops. Robinson’s shoes are fashion-forward and take his outfit to the next level, yet they are also comfortable sneakers. Ely’s tee is colorful and chic, but neither too tight nor too loose, so she effectively avoids discomfort. Both of these outfits are great choices for a busy day of studying and running errands as they both combine elements of flair without losing a sense of mobility, versatility and comfort. Both individuals look snug and ready to tackle the day without compromising their outfits’ sense of cohesion or their own personal senses of style.

– By Hilleary Gramling, Contributing Writer