Derrick Tran, Staff

Saba, one of two Italian restaurants in Emory Village, relocated on Feb. 8 due to maintenance concerns after 14 years of operation.

Saba Owner and Manager Shane Mixon cited a growing disrepair of the building and increasing costs of maintenance as the primary reasons for the restaurant’s closure.

“[There are] a lot of issues with the [building’s] exterior that are causing problems,” Mixon said. “We have a leaky roof [that] recently caused both of the restaurant’s bathrooms to be shut down.”

Saba’s catering service will remain available as the restaurant relocates to Oakhurst, a neighborhood southwest of downtown Decatur, under the new name Paolino. Mixon said he hopes to open the new location next week, although the restaurant is waiting to obtain its alcohol license and will likely encourage customers to bring their own alcohol during the first few weeks of business.

Mixon added that he hopes Saba can return to the Emory area in the future, characterizing Emory’s devoted customer base as unparalleled.

Many members of the Emory community are sad to see Saba close. Sean Parker (22C), a student who frequented Saba about once a month, described it as one of his favorite restaurants in Emory Village.

“The food was always good, and the price was reasonable for the amount you got,” Parker said.

Rohan Singh (22C) said he was “distraught” when he heard Saba was closing, stating that he will miss the atmosphere and the pesto sauce.

Mixon plans to open Paolino within the next week.