Fall for Emory’s Best Running Trails

November offers perfect fall temperatures to get outside and get back in shape. Rather than spending hours on the outdated ellipticals at the Woodruff P.E. Center, students can use these nearby trails to get some much needed time outdoors and maybe even spot a cute dog or two.

Emory Village Loop (1 Mile)

Although the thought of starting a run can seem daunting, when you get to finish with Rise-n-Dine’s finest omelet, going for a run no longer seems so challenging. Starting at Longstreet-Means Hall (LSM), take Eagle Row past the fraternity houses until you end up in Emory Village. From LSM to Rise-n-Dine, this run should be just about 1 mile, a perfect start for beginners. While this loop is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as some of the longer routes, it still offers a nice downhill slope to get you moving faster as well as the opportunity to pass some friends along the way. You can even kill two birds with one stone: After running to Emory Village, stop at CVS to “run” some errands, and you’ll feel extra productive.

Lullwater Loop (3 Miles)

With beautiful trees reflected in a serene lake, a run through Lullwater Park not only makes for a stunning Snapchat story but also provides one of the most peaceful running atmospheres. The entrance of Lullwater is located at 1463 Clifton Road and the park itself offers a variety of loops with dirt paths as well as pavement, all with spots of sunlight shining through fall trees. For a 3-mile loop, start outside LSM and turn right onto Eagle Row until you reach the intersection at Clifton road. Then, turn left and on your right you will see the entrance to Lullwater on Clifton road. Then, follow the hill downward, avoiding the path to the University president’s house, and take a left to arrive at the dirt path that loops around the lake. Then, turn around at the end of the path and run on the pavement around the lake until you reach the suspension bridge over the waterfalls. After that, run past the lake again back to LSM to complete the 3-mile loop. You’ll be left with a boost of energy for the rest of your day.

Boardwalk Loop (6 Miles)

While most intermediate runners stick to Lullwater, experienced runners should try the boardwalk loop for a longer run. If you follow the dirt path along the lake in Lullwater, a trail past the Atlanta VA Medical Center leads you to the entrance of Mason Mill Park, which connects to Medlock Park. To get to the boardwalk straight from LSM, it takes roughly 2.5 miles, and, depending on which side trails you take, you can run as much as up to a 6-mile loop back to LSM. The path is much straighter and flatter than the Lullwater loop, helping you maintain a nice pace on your run. If you’re like me, you will get lapped by the cross country team, but, nonetheless, it’ll make for a fun route.


These trails offer a space for those who have never owned a pair of running sneakers as well as those who are looking to break their personal distance record. Whether your motivation is a breakfast with friends or a chance to become one with nature, going on any of these trails will boost your endorphin levels. With an upbeat playlist and the right sneakers, these running loops can kickstart your day and make that 75-minute morning lecture just a little more bearable.