We all know that the Dobb’s Common Table (DCT) food can sometimes be hard to navigate. What’s good on the menu? How do you know when you’ll end up with cold congealed pasta sauce or resort to just eating bananas and soft serve for dinner? We picked our favorite DCT dishes from the past few weeks. The list includes old favorites like nachos and pizza, as well as some of the DCT’s newest additions like penne pasta mac and cheese and shawarma. Between DCT classics and new additions, there is surely an item for everyone to enjoy.

(Isabella Lester/The Emory Wheel)

Barbacoa, 4 stars

The beef barbacoa was definitely a pleasant surprise this month. The dish is typically served with tortillas and green salsa. The slow-cooked meat was soft and moist, and it had a variety of flavors. Getting to choose your own adventure with the toppings made the experience that much more enjoyable; the taco bar offered pico de gallo, sour cream, and multiple types of salsa. Make sure to check out the pico de gallo. 

This dish was nothing compared to past DCT taco options. It was more filling, and was very juicy with a lot of flavor. Even though this meal has only been offered once, it will likely return. When it does, get in line fast. 

Mac and Cheese, 3 stars

The DCT has served a few different types of mac and cheese in the past month. So far, three have stood out: cheese sauce with penne pasta, cheese sauce with macaroni noodles and a buffalo chicken version. But, the penne pasta mac and cheese without a doubt takes the crown as the best option. 

One day, the meal was so popular that it ran out in 15 minutes. The quick disappearance of the food, however, was unsurprising; the mac and cheese had a nice crust on top and was very creamy. The regular mac and cheese has been fairly good, but has varied widely in quality. In the past, the dish has tended to need more cream and cheese, but more cheese has been added recently which has tremendously improved its overall quality. While the buffalo chicken macaroni was an interesting spin on traditional mac and cheese, the sauce was somewhat sour. 

Quesadillas, 3.5 stars

The DCT has been serving quesadillas a lot lately but for good reason. The meal will get prepped right in front of you and served fresh. While some can come out burnt, the quesadillas usually don’t miss if you arrive to the DCT at the right time. 

The quesadilla “bar” only adds to the flavor, offering different types of salsa and condiments. Whether you’re looking for a quality grab-and-go option or attempting to make the perfect meal, the quesadillas have you covered.

Refried beans and rice, 4.5 stars

If you’re in search of comfort food, the rice and beans are what to get. Alongside alternating taco and quesadilla options, the rice and beans are a staple to any meal. While such simple foods, the rice and beans have plenty of flavor and are sometimes sufficient enough to become the main course. If you see these hearty staples at the DCT, don’t miss out on your chance to grab them before they run out.

Nachos, 4 stars

(Isabella Lester/The Emory Wheel)

In recent weeks, the DCT has been going nacho crazy, serving every variation from vegan nachos to nachos in chip bags. Every option has proved themselves as solid lunch meals, offering a new food experience to the somewhat repetitive dining hall. With its buffet style serving at 605 Kitchen, you can customize your nachos with beans, beef and sour cream, even adding them to a frito bag, making for a great quick meal for those who tend to rush in and out of DCT. The vegan nachos, with cheese and beans, are also a tasty alternative offered at the Stem to Root station.

Pesto Pasta Salad, 3 stars

The pesto pasta salad is a new addition to the salad bar and is becoming a quick favorite. The pesto is refreshing, and is a more tasteful alternative to the pasta served at Hearth and Stone. It can also be a satisfying side for entrees.

Try mixing this dish with other items at the salad bar, such as corn to add texture and color to your plate. This dish, though, does have its flaws as sometimes the pesto tastes like it has too much mayonnaise in it. 

Pizza, 5 stars

If there’s any DCT offering  you can count on, it’s the pizza. Most visits to the Hearth and Stone station are promising, with a near endless supply of parmesan garlic bread sticks and fun additions like eggplant and fennel pizza. Yet, its sheer consistency makes the cheese and pepperoni pizza an all-time favorite. As DCT’s staple item, the pizza garners itself a five-star rating, with its gooey cheese and short lines sealing the deal.

Shawarma, 4 stars

The DCT Shawarma is definitely a meal worth repeating. The marinated ground beef has plenty of flavor, and goes well with the warm pita bread. The pita bread also comes in a whole wheat option and a regular option, and there are multiple sauces offered as well. Despite all this, the rice lacked flavor and tended to clump together, but added good texture when mixed with the meat and sauce. All in all, the Shawarma added some nice variety to the menu, and its extensive options for personalization make it a great choice for lunch or dinner.