We sat down with Wheel Editor-in-Chief Evan Mah to discover his deepest, darkest secrets. The results of our investigation were shocking. 

Are you a boxers or briefs guy? On a side note, which sock do you put on first?

Boxers for business and briefs for pleasure. Left sock first.

Where in Atlanta would you bring someone on a first date? Why?

People often ask me for restaurant recommendations for dates, and I always ask them what their objective is and how they want that night to end. Iberian Pig is classy with plenty of energy to fill any awkward silences. If they want to impress AND signal other intentions, Sotto Sotto is the best Italian in the city. The noise level is just right for relentless flirting to go alongside that risotto.

What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?

Failing my driver’s permit test. I didn’t study because I had heard it was easy, but when the computer shut down after I missed four questions, I had to face my mother and the dozens of people waiting in line. Feeling intellectually inferior in the lobby of the DMV is a tragedy in itself.

What is your favorite bathroom reading material?

I usually check email on my iPod so to anyone who wants to steal my stuff, keep this in mind.

Would you rather shave off your left eyebrow or dye your hair pink? Elaborate.

The latter because I can change my hair color faster than I can grow back an eyebrow.

Which dinosaur would you most enjoy being eaten by, and why?

Whatever dinosaur has the longest tongue. Duh.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

Roasted chicken thighs in a white wine jus. It’s simple and nutritionally sound. On the other hand, I really do love Cheetos …