We sat down with SGA President Ashish Gandhi to discover his deepest, darkest secrets. The results of our investigation were shocking. 

Would you rather cross the Atlantic Ocean in a kayak or a cruise ship full of zombies? Explain.

There’s really no way I’m going to survive the entire Atlantic on a kayak, nor am I going to survive a cruise ship. I might as well take the cruise ship, go ahead and just get infected on day one, and have a decent time for the rest of the voyage…

Would you rather be an Emory shuttle driver for a day or an Emory police officer on a Friday night? Explain.

Shuttle driver. I already have all the guns I need on my right and left arm.

If you could bring any one musician or band to perform at Emory, who would you choose?

PSY seems to be a pretty relevant artist right now. I think he’d be great.

Would you rather fight a flock of eagles or a single velociraptor?

Definitely a single velociraptor. Eagles are American, and I would never fight anything American. America.

Favorite video game as a kid:

Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. That’s all I had growing up. That’s all I needed.

Which mythological creature would you most like to have as a pet?

A jackalope. I really don’t know why I would choose a jackalope. I’m not even sure what a jackalope is. But you can buy a head mount of one, and my roommate and I are thinking of getting one, apparently.