Photo by Loli Lucaciu

Photo by Loli Lucaciu

When: Wednesday, 5 p.m., the critical hour of dinner and class day finalization

Where: The not-so-comfy tables at Cox Hall Bridge near Asbury Circle

“Dude, she’s cute. Go talk to her. She’s alone and being attacked by a bee, now’s your moment.”

[Discussion about the pronunciation of the word “ketchup”]  “It’s “catch-up,” bro, not “cats-up.”

[Girl shouting and waving at a boy passing by with headphones in] “Boyfriend! [No response]. Boyfriend! [No response]. Boyfrieeeend! [No response]. I tried.”

“What should I wear for my date party tomorrow? Red or white? Passion or innocence?”

“Chinese food or salad? I have to study tonight, and there’s no such thing as salad and studying.”

“The practice today killed me. Gummy bear legs, leggoooo.”

“Bigger portions at Pasta John’s! Gotta love that generous guy!”

“You can cover chicken legs. You can’t cover and you don’t cover fantastic biceps.

Prioritize, bro.”

– By Loli Lucaciu, Student Life Editor