When referring to food, “over easy” refers to preparing eggs such that the white is cooked while the yolk is just barely set to provide the perfect combination of texture. This column, much like its namesake, strives to provide the perfect balance of early morning sustenance and Atlanta culture.

Krog Street Market is home to the finest bakeries, barbeques  and booze in Inman Park. Off the corner of the market’s front entrance is Mex-Tex restaurant and bar Superica. Adorned with decor straight out of the Old West and music alternative-buffs would swoon over, Superica is nothing short of charming.

Superica offers live music Friday and Saturday nights; their website boasts that it’s “where sunshine spends the winter.” Recently, this lively Krog Street gem began offering a brunch menu, served on Saturday and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

My friend and I sat on Superica’s outdoor patio, still a little groggy and blinded by the bright Sunday morning sun. Our waitress, who turned out to be a Texas native herself, brought us our coffees accompanied by a baskets of tortilla chips and delicious various salsas.

Little did we know what other flavor combinations were in store for our taste buds. We decided to split our meals — I went for huevos mexicanos, two eggs scrambled with jalapenos, tomatoes, onions and cheese, while my friend opted for hotcakes, served with whipped butter and buttermilk syrup.

“I know, a hot cake is just a hot cake,” our waitress told us, “but wait until you try our buttermilk syrup. It’ll change your life.”

And change our lives it did. Their unique buttermilk syrup was a creamy and sacchariferous compliment to our hot cakes: plate-sized pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The huevos arrived in a small, ceramic dish: a cheesy, well-prepared scramble any egg-eater would enjoy. Tortillas and refried beans were served alongside it, so consumers could create breakfast burritos.

As we dove into our hot cakes and huevos, we quickly ran out of tortillas, as we were sharing the dishes. Another waiter strolled by and offered to grab us some more.

Upon his return, he playfully added, “I’m not sure what you’re planning on doing with those tortillas, but you should try dipping them in the syrup. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.”

Well, Superica waiter, this article is dedicated to you. The sweet syrup glazed the tortillas like a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut. I salivated as I waited for my friend to finish her portion of the syrup, praying there would be some drops left for my last few bites.

Other brunch menu highlights include huevos rancheros, tamales and eggs and a Texas BBQ brisket sandwich.

Chef Ford Fry, a Texas native who has opened 10 restaurants throughout the Atlanta area, including No. 246 in Decatur and The Optimist and Oyster Bar downtown, seeks to bring people together through a fun mix of food and fellowship.

Moderately priced and not too far from campus, Superica serves as a great place for brunch with friends or a casual first date for anyone willing to try breakfast with some Mexican flair.

Stuffed with salsa, hot cakes and jalapenos, my friend and I paid our bill and headed out, wishing they sold their syrup in gallon bottles, or potentially in ice cream form.

I’ll have to take that up with management.

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