College sophomore Max Zoberman is organized and committed to making a change on the Student Government Association (SGA) executive board. In the year that he has served as SGA Campus Services chairman, Zoberman has increased communication between SGA and the student body and has worked towards creating a safer, more inclusive Emory community. Due to his commitment and initiative, the Wheel fully endorses Zoberman as a qualified candidate for SGA vice president.

In Zoberman’s time as sophomore legislator, he has worked to increase the communication between SGA and the student body. Zoberman, who is running unopposed, often reaches out to students via email and many Facebook groups to increase awareness around new initiatives and gather student input, and it is never difficult to know exactly what he’s working on or has accomplished. This year, Zoberman engaged the Emory community through his Yik Yak and nighttime shuttle initiatives,and, through trial and error after both resolutions, he has learned to pay close attention to student feedback. Zoberman plans to ensure SGA consults the student body before making major decisions as vice president, and we are fully confident in his ability to do so.

Zoberman’s platform includes making itemized breakdowns of club expenditures more available, which would make important strides toward increasing transparency, and increasing inclusivity on campus through advocating for gender-neutral signage for some bathrooms on campus. Along with College juniors SGA President Jon Darby and SGA Vice President Raj Tilwa, Zoberman authored the recent gender-neutral language initiative for SGA’s Constitution. While many different candidates have used “inclusivity” in their candidate statements and platforms, we believe Zoberman has the record and commitment to make strides in the University’s inclusiveness.

Zoberman’s strong focus on campus safety also differentiates himself from other candidates in student elections. We feel that the safety of the student body should be a top priority of the University and applaud Zoberman for taking on this responsibility as an SGA representative when the University may fall short. As vice president, Zoberman plans to re-evaluate the efficiency and safety of the NightOwl and SafeRide shuttles. He is currently working with the Office of Transportation to develop TapRide for the Emory campus, an app for shuttles that is similar to Uber. Zoberman also hopes to increase lighting in dark areas on campus, create GotchaRide, where golf carts would patrol the campus at night, and work closely with Interfraternity Council (IFC) to ensure there is an adequate disciplinary process for sexual assaults. ​For one problem, Zoberman comes up with multiple solutions. We feel that with his previous experience as chair of campus safety gives Zoberman the perspective and experience to execute these plans. These safety initiatives are a few of the examples of Zoberman’s determination and leadership that we believe he will bring to SGA.

Though we do have reservations about the feasibility of Zoberman’s joint Oxford-Emory orientation initiative, overall, we feel that ​the initiative addresses the disconnect between Emory’s Atlanta and Oxford campuses, and that Zoberman has a strong grasp on the intricacies of SGA and is prepared to address any problems and issues SGA faces if elected.

We feel that Zoberman has proven to be an extremely worthy candidate for the role of SGA vice president due to his past SGA record and future ideas to address the concerns of the student body. His focus on safety and inclusion combined with his experience as a legislator gives the Wheel confidence in endorsing Zoberman for the position of SGA vice president.​

The above represents the majority opinion of the Endorsements Committee.