College sophomore and current sophomore legislator Alyssa Weinstein is organized and committed to making a change on the College Council (CC) executive board. In the year that she has served, Weinstein has increased the social media presence of CC and is working toward a bike share program with the help of Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Ajay Nair. Due to her commitment and initiative, the Wheel endorses Weinstein as a qualified candidate for CC vice president.

In Weinstein’s short time as sophomore legislator, she has already identified the structural problems of CC, such as the inefficiency of the general body meetings (GBMs) as well as the communication between student organizations and legislators. She plans to improve efficiency and communication as CC vice president, and we are confident in her ability to do so.

Weinstein intends to increase communication and collaboration between the executives and legislators of CC. She plans to send the minutes from meetings to the entire CC body. We feel that with her experience as a legislator, this opportunity affords Weinstein a unique position to identify with other student legislators and to better communicate their concerns and desires to the executive board.

Weinstein proposes a number of unique initiatives and concrete ideas, which she plans to implement, if elected. The bike share program and her plans to address problems with SafeRide provide a few of the many examples of her determination and leadership that we at the Wheel believe she will bring to CC.

Additionally, she wants to increase communication between CC and all students through social media and online promotion. Weinstein already has a strong grasp upon the communication problems that CC has been experiencing and is prepared to address those issues if elected.

We feel that Weinstein has proven to be a worthy candidate for the role of CC vice president because she realizes the potential CC has to address the concerns of the student body. Her focus on listening to student concerns and acting upon them combined with her experience as a legislator gives the Wheel confidence in endorsing Weinstein for the position of CC vice president.