On October 26th College Council (CC) held their first “Thank Dooley it’s Friday” (TDIF) festival, a monthly initiative that will take place on the last Friday of every month. CC hopes that the events will increase the sense of community between the student body and student organizations at Emory.

In light of the upcoming holiday, the first TDIF festival featured many Halloween themed activities. Activities included pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, a “spooky” bounce house, and free food and shirts.

We at the Wheel feel that College Council succeeded in their mission to increase Emory pride and the sense of community in the College. We are encouraged that CC has acted on the wants of the student body for more regular events and believe that TDIF will be a good addition to Wonderful Wednesday (WW), with which many students’ class schedules conflict. TDIF gives these students the opportunity to engage in the same kinds of community-based activities at a more convenient time.

We also applaud Amitav Chakraborty for upholding promises on his platform. When Chakraborty ran for College Council president in the spring, he aspired to increase school spirit. We are now seeing these goals materialize.

Ultimately, as a first event, TDIF was a success, and we are happy that College Council is doing more to bring the Emory community together. TDIF parallels the spirit of Friday’s Kegs in the Courtyard in the Goizueta Business School, and we believe that this new initiative and the respective student turnout will only improve with time.

The above staff editorial represents the majority opinion of the Wheel’s editorial board.