Recently the Alliance to Improve Emory Village (AIEV) finished construction on a small park in the Emory Village. The park consists of a trolley-track sculpture, fountain and benches. Relying solely on donations, the AIEV has spent 12 years trying to better the Village but due to the economic slump were unable to enact many changes.

We believe that the park is an important step to the improvement of the Emory Village and differs from the usual restaurant additions. Not only is the park an aesthetically appealing addition to the Village, but also it creates a unifying feel that incorporates positive sustainability efforts and even Emory’s history. The sculpture is made of old trolley-tracks that were found while the park was being built, and the fountain’s water circulation is through a well near Emory and is used to sustain the plants surrounding the park. We suggest adding a plaque to the sculpture describing its origin so that the community can be aware of the sculpture’s historical significance.

Todd Hill, the chair of AIEV, said in an interview with the Wheel that the alliance is interested in student feedback concerning ways to continue improving the Village. The AIEV is currently considering bringing back the old tradition of First Thursdays, in which shops in the village would stay open later and offer special deals for Emory students. We feel that forming an advising committee for students on campus to give input would be a sufficient response to AIEV’s needs.

Also in line with student participation, the AIEV could partner with the Environmental Studies department so interested students could take part in the park’s sustainability and up-keep of the park. We also suggest that the AIEV add a comment section on its website to encourage Emory students and other members of the community to offer suggestions.

The above staff editorial represents the majority opinion of the Wheel‘s editorial board.