Frustrated students took to Facebook Monday night to complain about the first few hours of the Add/Drop/Swap time period, which started Monday. Many complained that they were not able to access Online Pathway to University Students (OPUS) to change their class schedule. College Junior Pritika Gupta was one such student.

“The entire sentiment was essentially frustration,” Gupta wrote in an email to the Wheel. “I’d say everyone was really intense about their schedules.”

Associate Dean Priscilla Echols replied in an email to the Wheel that the OPUS Production Team had originally not been aware of any problem. Following the Wheel’s inquiry Monday midday, the team did acknowledge an abnormality that blocked many students from logging into OPUS past midnight on Sunday.

The abnormality in the servers occurred from 12:40 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. and caused three of the four system-supporting servers to not be available for students to login to OPUS,. A System Administrator fixed the problem on Monday night, according to Echols.

“It is not typical for the servers to have an issue like this one,” Echols wrote. “The OPUS System Administrators are continuing to look at why this problem happened and take action to prevent it from happening again.”

Echols said that because there were not any other student reports about the problem, there is currently no plan in place to work with affected students.

Students can seek OPUS help by emailing [email protected]

– By Karishma Mehrotra