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The Politicization of Food is Diminishing Its Simplicity | Sophia’s Smorgasbord

Tunde Wey, Nigerian chef. (Emory Wheel/Ally Hom) For most people, trying to tackle the racial inequity in health care is a multi-faceted problem, complicated by numerous factors like race, socioeconomic status and inadequate accessibility. But for Tunde Wey, a Nigerian chef and founder of BabyZoos, his solution was simple: applesauce.  Wey’s start-up company, BabyZoos, sells [...]

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Spice Up Life. | Sophia’s Smorgasbord

(Pixabay/Hans) “Could be spicier.” One of my favorite recurring comments from Ben Thomas (23C), one of the Wheel’s managing editors. More than a simple culinary descriptor, the word operates instead as a vivid, lively synonym of “interesting.” So let me present to you the spiciest information to have graced my life recently: capsaicin, the chemical [...]

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You’ve Been Bamboozled. Rectangle Sandwiches Are Better. | Sophia’s Smorgasbord

Horizontally-cut, rectangular sandwich. The objectively better sandwich cut. (Emory Wheel / Sophia Ling) Do you prefer diagonally or horizontally cut sandwiches? Ask chefs, architects, mathematicians and home cooks and they’ll say triangles are the superior sandwich shape. But my recent bread baking endeavors inspired me to conduct my own study to determine if triangles really [...]

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You Have Been Strung by the U.S. Cheese Scheme.

Cheese board. (Unsplash/Tobias) I bet you clicked on this article because of the title, probably because you like cheese and you would like to know how a college student is going to prove your complacence in something called the U.S. cheese scheme. If so, this is the article for you.  But first, we need to [...]

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