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Beware. Technology is coming for our eating experience

(Pixabay / PaliGraficas) For almost the entirety of my first semester of college, I ate alone in my room. Of course, extraneous circumstances made it difficult to find people to befriend. So for three months, I was pathetically accompanied by the illuminated screen of my computer and a borrowed Netflix account trying to catch up [...]

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Insects. The revolutionary future of the human diet.

Illustration courtesy of Alison Barlow. Haven’t you ever wondered about the taste of the enoki-pine nut, wax moth caterpillars and the bacon-chanterelle of bee larvae? Maybe not, but maybe it’s time. The American diet is simple and uninspiring; it chooses to respond to a Eurocentric culinary perspective and ignores millions of different species that could [...]

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The United States is food-illiterate

(Local farming / Smith_cl9) Did you know that 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows? Just kidding. That might be an inaccurate statistic due to the poorly designed survey, but reams of more accurate data actually show that many Americans are agriculturally illiterate.  For instance, in 2011, only 56% of fourth [...]

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