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Iowa Caucuses Must Go App-Free

The Iowa caucuses yielded surprising results: former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg took the lead while former Vice President Joe Biden placed fourth. However, the process was also riddled with errors, as a New York Times analysis showed irregularities in data from more than 100 precincts. The app used to report vote totals was [...]

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It’s Time to Stop Obsessing Over College Rankings

Emory is one of the best schools in the nation, ranked 21st in US News and World Report’s 2020 Best Colleges rankings. But many of our fellow students seem to disagree. I’ve heard many of my disgruntled peers complain about Emory’s ranking and feel as though they’ve missed out on attending a higher-ranked school.  In [...]

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Emory Students, Take Sustainability Seriously

Given the existential nature of the climate crisis, efforts to reduce waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions are more vital now than ever before. Average global temperatures are increasing, sea levels are rising and the crisis is worsening as we continue to experience droughts, forest fires and other natural disasters. We as Emory students must [...]

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Sequels Can Surpass Originals

Sequels are not always lazy cash grabs. Sometimes they are successful additions to existing stories. “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit” slaps much harder than its predecessor because it showcases Lauryn Hill, the struggles of underprivileged kids with creative aspiration and champions high school show choir long before “Glee.” Similarly, “Shrek 2” and “Spy [...]

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America Was Always Great

The idea that America ought to be made great again is oftentimes challenged by the assertion that America has never been great. While this stance could hold if the tenants of our modern moral paradigm are applied to the past, we must understand that doing so would be erroneous. Greatness is an exercise in relativity, [...]

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