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Israeli Apartheid Week Sparked Fear and Silence, Not Education or Answers

Earlier this month was Emory Students for Justice in Palestine’s (ESJP) Israeli Apartheid Week, and the Wheel published an op-ed discussing an event that occurred on campus that troubled members of our campus community. For unfamiliar readers, several students awoke on April 2 to find flyers posted to their apartment and dorm room doors that, [...]

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Community Response to ESJP Protests Crude, Failed to Uphold University’s Intellectual Values

If the events of last week were a test, the Emory community failed. The Editorial Board is disappointed that the already polarizing issue of Israel-Palestine relations has become more divided. The Emory community has been unable to engage in civil discussion and has succumbed to the pressure of uninformed student groups and biased, provocative media [...]

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Critiques of Israel Do Not Inherently Constitute Anti-Semitism

On the morning of April 2, several Emory students were surprised to wake up to eviction notices posted on their doors. The notices were fake, part of an Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (ESJP) campaign intended to bring awareness to the forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes under the Israeli government. The flyers, [...]

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ESJP Protests Misguided

In light of the recent eviction flyers posted on students’ doors, and in response to Anthony Wong’s (21C) Wheel op-ed, I feel the need to respond to lingering anti-Jewish sentiment by some members of the Emory community including microaggressions, graffiti and unreported verbal attacks on Jewish students. The recent op-ed as well as a public [...]

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Emory’s Response to Justified Protest Was Immature

Since 1967, the Israeli government has demolished more than 50,000 buildings in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, leaving roughly 140,000 Palestinians homeless. These are not disputed statistics. A few days ago, Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (ESJP) posted these statistics, along with a few other statements, onto the doors of Emory residence halls [...]

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