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This Holiday Season, Give Back Through Mutual Aid | Brammhi’s Ballot

COVID-19 has exposed Americans’ unwavering individualism. Americans have screamed in outrage, harassed employees and started protests nationwide, because they felt oppressed by mask requirements. If only they had this same passion for championing racial justice and protecting the lives of their fellow Americans.  But hope often springs from unexpected places, and in such a dark [...]

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Students, Take Care of Yourself Before Election Day | Brammhi’s Ballot

Until now, I’ve been too scared to say these words out loud: what if a victory for President Donald Trump becomes 2020’s next catastrophe? The buildup to the general election has been utterly chaotic, punctuated by Trump’s positive COVID-19 test, the New York Times’ exposition of his tax returns and the controversy surrounding Judge Amy [...]

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The Myth Behind the Model Minority

I’m always at a crossroads: I’m either too brown or not brown enough. I’m too “white-washed” for not liking spicy foods and not being able to speak my native language Tamil, but too “ethnic” for learning traditional South Asian dance and having more than the socially acceptable number of South Asian friends. Even my name [...]

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Anti-Racism Isn’t Anti-American

On Sept. 4, President Donald Trump banned all federal agencies from conducting diversity training, deeming it “anti-American propaganda.” His rationale is ludicrous.  In a statement, the White House cast white federal employees as victims of diversity initiatives, which have been telling them that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” or that they “benefit from [...]

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Stop Making Excuses for Racist Presidents

On July 22, former Vice President Joe Biden stated that President Donald Trump is the first racist that was elected president.  Since then, Biden’s campaign has attempted to reframe his damaging rhetoric by stating that “there have been a number of racist American presidents, but Trump stands out — especially in modern history.” While Trump [...]

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