If our loyal readers of On Fire know one thing about us, it is that we hate rumors. We hate them with a fierce and violent passion – a passion perhaps only equalled by our love of buffalo wings.

It is for this reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to be the ultimate rumor-dispeller in the world of sports. We have no toleration for groundless speculation, hypothetical situations, or really anything at all that is not 100 per cent rooted in hard, cold facts. It is for this reason that all of us at On Fire would like to give a big shout out to Tom Thibodeau, the head coach of the Chicago Bulls. If there ever was a man who embodied On Fire‘s position towards rumors, it is Thibodeau.

With their record standing at 22-21, this season has been unremarkable at best for the Bulls, and some of your On Fire correspondent’s colleagues in the media have speculated that this may be the last season that Thibodeau will coach in Chicago. Questioned on this idle gossip at a pre pre-game press conference last Friday, Thibodeau made his position towards rumors very clear.

“I’m not going to comment on any rumors you guys [the media] start, and then you wait for me to respond,” Thidodeau said, giving the media the admonishment they deserve.

But then he showed them (technically we should probably say us rather than them, but Thibodeau is well known as a leading supporter of On Fire so he is probably okay with the exception) that he can play their game.

“Now the rumor about my date with Kate Upton, a rumor started by me, I’m not commenting on that either,” Thibodeau added.

Well played, Tom Thibodeau, well played indeed.

On an utterly unrelated note, have any of our loyal readers heard that your On Fire correspondent was spotted with Jennifer Lawrence at Maggie’s last weekend. Feel free to tell your friends.

And, for those of you on the fence about applying for the On Fire  internship (the deadline has been extended, and applications, which should include a resume, a cover letter, two recommendations, and the number of Dooley Dollars and meal swipes you have, can be emailed to [email protected]), keep in mind that opportunities to mix, mingle, and club with celebrities are only one of the many opportunities that your experience with On Fire can bring you.

Such as the opportunity to participate in serious, hard-hitting journalism. But that goes without saying.