1. Sayonara Rondo

Legions of anti-Boston fans rejoiced as news of Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo’s season ending injury broke this past weekend. Rondo, that brilliant, moody enigma. Out for the year with a torn ACL, a muscle apparently important for  the animation of the knee, which in turn is an operative mechanism for many basketball related activities, its demise is signals the demise of the Celtics season. Or so they say. Multiple implications here.

The loss of Rondo hammers home his emergence, for those not paying attention. It seems so long ago, barely five years give or take, that Rondo was just the young enigma. Back in Year One of the Five Year Big Three run, which ended with Ray Allen’s defection to the Heat this summer, Rondo was the starting point guard that no one trusted.

With KG and Ray-Ray newly imported to jumpstart the proud Celtics franchise, with three Hall of Famers on board, fans fretted over the issue of whether Rondo, as the distributor, would jettison the team with his ‘uneven’ and ‘inexperienced’ play. Indeed veteran point guard Sam Cassell was brought in as the back-up to stabilize the situation, and Cassell did receive the lion’s share of the crunch-time reps. Year One yielded the only title of the Big Three era.

Rondo’s prominence to the team has increased in every year since then. Now, his injury has triggered speculation that the Celtics will now blow the whole operation up, liquidize the veteran assets and start anew. In short, the broad-shouldered, at times scoring-timid but at other times brilliant quarterback is currently the most important guy on the team. Ironic trend.

The ACL injury came out of nowhere. Apparently, Rondo initially thought he was hamstrung by his hamstring, seen with an icepack stuck to his leg going into Sunday’s battle-royale against the Heat. A trip to the hospital clarified that up. Injuries affect all the parties involved. Already with a very finite amount of productive playing time, the player’s uncertain future is thrown into further uncertainty. Rehab, recovery, rehab.

Forget peaking and refining his game, returning to his original swag level is daunting enough. For the franchise, their best laid plans are now in complete disarray. (Unless they planned for this and are now enacting contingency plans. If so, the front office is still swearing collectively like a sailor). And, most ‘importantly’, the fans suffer, deprived of the chance to enjoy a player with combination of skills unique to the NBA. Ask Bulls fan how much it sucks to lose your star point guard to an ACL.

Until the next Martian sighting, we all must move on. As if we had a choice.


2. I’ll Say My Name: Beyonce.

So Beyonce landed the Big Gig, the Superbowl halftime show. This after singing the national anthem at Obama’s inauguration. Okay she may have lip-synced that (and If so, so what?), but her career is looking quite rosy. There were rumors that Sunday’s Superbowl performance might be the platform for a Destiny Child’s reunion for all the Children of the 90’s.

Not so, according to Michelle Williams. Who you say? Yes, Ms. Williams previously of Destiny Child. In an interview with some random internet radio company, Williams spoiled everything and informed those who care that she has a schedule conflict. The conflict?

She’ll be in D.C. performing on the Fela! tour, a Broadway musical. Michelle can’t get an understudy to cover for her as she whisks away to New Orleans for the biggest night in New Orleans? Guess not. The completely different career planes these two Destiny Child alums are on? Don’t ask.

What’s the other third, Kelly Rowand up to? (Yes I had to look up the name). Well, they’ll survive. Beyonce more so though.


3. Braves Talk

The Braves landed Justin Upton! So their outfield is looking like it’s going to be Upton, Upton and Heyward. Damn. The first thought is how cool and athletic of an outfield that will be. But seriously that is a nice outfield. Power. Speed. Brotherly love. Ride these stallions into the next decade Braves!

Take a break Falcons, the Braves are here. Hawks? Call back when you guys land Dwight Howard. Opening day at Turner Field is … some day in early April as always.