Ode to a Roommate: “A letter to my partner-in-crime and best friend”

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

A Letter to My Roommates

My dearest little dear,

With all the love in my heart, I am going public about my unbounded affection for you.

I am one of the lucky ones, having the chance to half-randomly get the most wonderful match in the matters of roommates. We still fight over who Facebook-messaged who first, and over who asked the crucial question, “Do you want to be my roommate?”

The truth is, that question carries a power paralleled to, “Do you want to marry me?”

After the joyous accord that ensued, our lives went on a route similar to that of a marriage, except that it’s been, of course, a platonic story featuring the most intense sisterly affection possible.

The adventures we’ve been through together … Boy, soap operas indeed. We’ve been through it all side by side. Of course, in the process I learned a lot from you, so here’s a top five:

1. How to live it up like a Greek woman
2. How to not be too harsh on myself
3. How to be THE friend that one needs
4. All the Greek baked goods with intricate names (hola kolokithopita)
5. How to expertly go with the flow

I would like to escape clichés, but I think you’re feeling my love. Thank you for always warming my soul with that childish, loyal and sincere spark of yours. What a privilege to call you my best friend.

Cheers to yet another wonderful year together, and let’s make 2015 yet another memorable chapter in our fabulous “marriage.”


— By Loli Lucaciu, Associate Editor