Photo by Jason Oh / Staff

Photo by Jason Oh / Staff

Matthew Garrett, the interim senior director for the Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement in Campus Life, will serve as a senior associate in people and change management of consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Atlanta.

Carolyn Livingston, the senior associate vice president and Title IX coordinator for students in the Division of Campus Life, will  serve as senior vice president for student life and dean of students at Carleton College in Minnesota.

The resignations were announced just months after Andy Wilson, former senior associate dean for Campus Life, left Emory earlier this year.

In 2006, Livingston joined Emory as special assistant to the senior vice president for Campus Life — a position she held until 2013, when she was promoted to senior associate vice president and Title IX coordinator for students.

After studying applied mathematics as an undergraduate at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, Livingston received her Master of Education degree in Counselor Education and Doctor of Philosophy degree in higher education administration from the University of Virginia. Before coming to Emory, Livingston worked at the University of Virginia’s Office of the President and Office of Undergraduate Admission.

“I am looking forwarding to being the leading difference maker in the lives of students at Carleton College,” Livingston wrote in an email to the Wheel.” Carleton is a selective liberal arts residential college that is dedicated to creating opportunities for academic and student affairs integration in a smaller setting.”

Unlike Livingston, Garrett came to Emory right after obtaining his Masters of Education in College Student Affairs Administration at the University ofGeorgia (UGA). Garrett joined Emory in 2008 as an assistant director in the Office of Student Leadership and Service.

Since then he has served Emory as assistant dean and director for the Office of Student Leadership & Service and most recently as interim senior director for the Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement. Garrett, who will leave Emory today, earned his Ph. D. in Counseling and Student Personnel Services at UGA in May 2014.

Garrett wrote in an email to the Wheel that after “seven wonderful years here at Emory,” he felt it was time to take the next step in his career. For Garrett, this next step will be serving as a Senior Associate in PwC’s HumanCapital, People and Change Management practice area.

When asked about the departure of Livingston and Garrett from Campus Life and Emory, Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Ajay Nair wrote in an email to the Wheel that, although he will miss working with Garrett and Livingston, he is proud of their accomplishments at Emory that have “made them so well positioned for their new roles.”

“When I arrived [at Emory] three years ago, I started working closely with [Livingston and Garrett] on refining their professional goals and aspirations,” Nair wrote. “I’m thrilled that colleagues outside Emory recognize that we have such an outstanding group of colleagues in Campus Life. I am not surprised that they have been presented with upwardly mobile opportunities.”

Livingston will serve Carleton College as their new vice president for student life and dean of students starting June 22, according to a March 20 Carleton College press release.

In her new position, Livingston’s main responsibilities will include “managing a diverse division including the career center, residence life, Title IX, disability services, student health and counseling services, academic support center, gender and sexuality center, among other departments,” according to Livingston.

As a consultant at PwC, Garrett wrote that his first set of clients will be in the public sector and part of the federal government.

Garrett added that, while his new position is not at a higher education institution, he’s excited to use the skills he gained at Emory helping to affect positive change on campus in his new position

“This allows me to align my interests in leadership development, people and change management and public service all in one opportunity,” Garrett wrote.

Asked about the issue of finding a replacement for himself and Livingston, Garrett called spring and summer “prime hiring seasons.”

“Let’s not forget there are hundreds of other Campus Life staff members who do excellent work every day and will be able to keep providing a high level of service to our students in the interim,” Garrett added.

Nair also said he is not concerned about finding replacements for Livingston and Garrett, nor is he worried about the potential leadership gap in Campus Life brought on by the departure of these two officials.

“Succession planning is part of my leadership role,” Nair wrote, adding that students will not experience any gaps in service.

The new position Campus Life of Assistant Vice President for Community (AVPC), which Nair announced in January, was designed to absorb many of the initiatives that Livingston led and created during her tenure as senior associate vice president — such as Carter Town Hall, Steering Committee, Campus Life Trustee meetings, Brittain Award selection, Student Intervention Services and coordination with Office of Undergraduate Education on Pre-Major Advising Connections, according to Nair.

Nair also wrote that he expects the position of AVPC to be filled before Livingston’s departure in June.

At the time Campus Life made the position of AVPC public, Nair wrote that he knew it was likely that Livingston would be moving on to a role as vice president, although her plans to move on to Carleton College had not yet been announced.

“This was a career goal for her and a natural next step,” Nair added.

As for Livingston’s current position as Title IX coordinator, Nair wrote that Campus Life will announce later this month the appointment of two current staff members to leadership roles related to Title IX “to help coordinate these duties and to help bolster our training efforts.”

Nair also indicated that Elizabeth Cox, who currently serves as associate director of the Office of Residence Life and Housing at Emory’s Clairmont Campus, has already been appointed as interim senior director for the Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement. Cox’s interim role will last until the new AVPC has the opportunity to assess the needs of the office, according to Nair.

The new AVPC will work with student leaders and other community members to launch a national search for the permanent senior director for the Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement, ideally by spring 2016, according to Nair.

College junior and Student Government Association (SGA) President Raj Tilwa wrote in an email to the Wheel that Garrett was one of his trusted advisors and mentors at Emory. Tilwa said he has worked with Garrett, who served as an SGA advisor, since his freshman year. Tilwa said he also worked with Livingston in the past.

“Quite naturally, it has been a hard realization seeing Andy Wilson leave,” Tilwa wrote. “And now [Garrett and Livingston]. They will be truly missed by those who have had the pleasure to work with them.”

Tilwa wrote that he is extremely happy for them and the next step they are taking in their careers, adding that change is a good thing.

“Transitions will take a while, but I believe it is an exciting time,” Tilwa wrote. “The administration will have more energy and enthusiasm with the new appointments. I am excited to work with the new hires and challenge them to put students first when they make decisions. I believe it is an exciting opportunity to revitalize Campus Life and push them to newer, higher levels.”