Category: Campus Life

Initiative provides access to free menstrual products in all University bathrooms

Emory University launched the Free Menstrual Project Initiative this fall, which installed free tampon dispensers in all bathrooms across the Atlanta and Oxford campuses starting July 2021. Since then, all 1,264 dispensers have been fully installed.  The installation is a result of five years of student planning, which began when graduate students circulated petitions in [...]

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Emory opens first Asian affinity space

After years of advocacy from students, Emory University unveiled its first and only space dedicated to Asian students on campus on Sept. 8. The Asian Student Center is part of Emory’s broader Identity Space Project. The first phase of the Project also involved renovating the four other identity spaces, which have been around for years: [...]

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20 years later: Professors, students reflect on legacy of 9/11

“The prevailing memory I have is how quiet the skies were.” For Professor of Pedagogy Peter Wakefield, the relative calm up above in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001 stood in stark contrast to the distress and horror worsening daily on the ground below. Questions raced through Wakefield’s mind as the event morphed from an [...]

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