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James Raper named as new associate vice president for health, well-being, access and prevention

James Raper, the current assistant vice president for health and wellbeing at Wake Forest University (N.C.), has been appointed as Emory University’s first associate vice president for health, well-being, access and prevention, according to a March 30 University press release.  The new Campus Life position was created to “enhance holistic health and well-being programs and [...]

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Since 1980: Emory’s growing female-to-male student body ratio

While one of Emory University’s first female graduates enrolled in the Lamar School of Law in 1917, it was not until 1968 — over 50 years later — that Emory College hired its first full female professor, Lore Metzger, a professor of English and comparative literature. It was another 12 years until the number of [...]

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Through the side door: 138 years of women’s history at Emory

Emory University’s first Chancellor and tenth President Warren A. Candler made it known that he believed women were not fit to be medical or law students at the 1919 Commencement.  Men and women sitting side by side during anatomy lectures or hunched over the same dissection experiment would create an “indelicate and injurious situation,” he [...]

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