Emory to Construct Cancer Center EUH Midtown

Emory intends to build a $475 million cancer center tower, which will be part of the Winship Cancer Institute, at Emory University Hospital (EUH) Midtown. The tower will spawn approximately 455,000 square feet and include around 64 inpatient beds and 26 observation beds, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The research facility is expected to also have research space, imaging services, radiation oncology, a clinical laboratory, a pharmacy, infusion therapy and outpatient clinic space.

The Carlos Museum to Acquire Egyptian Artifacts

On April 15, Emory announced that the George Ricards Foundation donated over 1,500 ancient Egyptian artifacts to the Carlos Museum, making it the largest group of ancient Egyptian artifacts to be donated to a U.S. museum in a century, according to the press release. Research and preservation of the “Senusret Collection” will likely take several years to complete due to the large number of artifacts. Some of the artifacts were displayed at Veneralia, the Carlos Museum’s annual fundraising gala, on May 18. Melinda Hartwig, curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian and Near Eastern Art, told the Wheel that the Carlos tentatively plans to open an exhibition on the collection in Fall 2022.

Controversial Portland State Philosophy Professor and Religious Extremism Scholar Speak at Emory

Controversial philosopher Peter Boghossian and Assistant Professor at The Citadel (S.C.) Muhammad Fraser-Rahim spoke on topics ranging from combating religious extremism to the importance of civil debate between those on the political left and right. The April 26 event occurred at White Hall and attracted about 17 students. Boghossian, known for submitting a number of fake studies to peer-reviewed academic journals including those in gender studies, pointed to the publication of his falsified studies as evidence that these topics are not legitimate fields of academic study.

Fraser-Rahim is the executive director of North America for Quilliam International, a group that works to rehabilitate former religious extremists and have “inclusive discussions to counter the ideological underpinnings of terrorism.” He spoke about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) 2018 lawsuit against Quilliam in which SPLC alleged that the organization was an anti-Islamic extremist group. He argued that SPLC mislabeled Quilliam but has since redacted their original statement.

Emory to Develop Executive Park Medical Campus

Emory filed a rezoning application with Brookhaven, Ga., on April 22 to allow for the development of office, medical service and commercial space in addition to a hospital on 60 acres of property in Executive Park. The University’s goal is to “create a live-work-play health innovation district focused on supporting a connected community and workplace for the future,” according to a May 1 press release.

The property was originally purchased in 2016 and primarily includes retail and office space. The University plans to invest around $1 billion over 15 years. At a May 20 meeting between community members and the University, some residents expressed concern about a possible increase in traffic congestion on Sheridan and Briarcliff Roads as a result of construction. — Isaiah Poritz

EUH Joins Liver Transplant Lawsuit

EUH joined a lawsuit with other medical centers against the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for attempting to implement a policy that prioritizes liver transplants for patients who are most ill. A federal judge implemented the policy on May 14 granted a stay on May 16 to delay the policy.

Critics of the policy argue that it will move livers out of the state and result in fewer viable livers as tissue cells die during transportation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. UNOS said this policy would “reduce waitlist mortality by roughly 100 fewer deaths each year” and create a “fairer, more equitable system for all liver patients.” — Akash Kurupassery