With the start of a new year comes bold fashion collections and statement pieces to reinvent your wardrobe. 2020 is not the year for sticking to the status quo and dressing within your comfort zone. This year has bloomed with houndstooth patterns, neon accessories and polka dot creations to take any outfit to the next level. 

Head-to-toe Houndstooth 

From affordable to luxury, all of the biggest brands like Revolve, Forever 21 and Chanel are marketing their full-body houndstooth styles. The duotone textile pattern, usually interpreted in a classic black-and-white palette, has been reinvented to make even your comfortable joggers stylish. The print will spice up just about any article of clothing and even adds a chic touch to the business professional outfits you’ve likely coordinated for club and job interviews. 

H&M has been heavily marketing casual yet glam houndstooth items on their website. They offer houndstooth everything, from chiffon dresses and leggings to winter coats. Their super slim-fit pants pair beautifully with a plain black sweater. The stretchy pants utilize the high-waisted trend we have all worn and loved. H&M has managed to elevate the leggings game by taking a simple, comfortable outfit to the next level. If you want to make a statement, try pairing the pants with their houndstooth fine-knit sweater. This drop-shoulder cuffed sweater’s houndstooth pattern is slightly more magnified than the pattern on the pants, and will surely transform your outfit from tracksuit to chic.   

Giorgio Armani offers an expensive take on this trend with its single-breasted jacket in houndstooth jacquard. The silver-and-navy wool jacket is complete with an off-center blue button and a maxi reverse collar. The pattern differs from the typical houndstooth print with elegant colors contrasting beautifully and exuding luxury. Armani pairs the piece with black-and-white pointed houndstooth heels and a leather shoulder-bag — whose pattern is comprised of studs that deviate from the standard woven or printed looks.   

Highlighter Neons

Five minutes of scrolling through Instagram shopping or fast-fashion websites will undoubtedly populate your feed with various shades of neon clothing. You might remember wishing that this trend would quickly die out when it emerging at the end of 2019. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, the highlighter-look is here to carry us into 2020 and surely, turn heads.

The houndstooth trend might be intimidating, but not all neon looks have to be as blinding as the full neon-green shirtdress rocked by “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil at the 2019 Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. Neon, like much other statement wear, can be subtly incorporated into your wardrobe. 

A simple solution for trying out this trend without breaking the bank lies in accessories that you can throw on to add a pop of color to an everyday, neutral outfit. Urban Outfitters’ neon orange beanie or American Eagle’s neon-pink belt is sure to make a statement without blinding others. Combining the pieces will an all-black outfit will certainly attract attention whilst and preventing you from looking like you’re headed to a funeral. 

If you’re ready to embrace the trend entirely, check out Lulus’ neon-pink fleece jacket. The fluffy jacket features a raised collar and snap-button front closure that is sure to keep you cozy through the Atlanta winter. 

Polka Dots 

While houndstooth and neon outfits are going to make waves for the remainder of the winter, I  predict that polka dots will be the print of the spring. This trend will be a diversion from the usual floral prints that attempt to make us blend into our surroundings. 

Many designers, including Michael Kors and Tory Burch, debuted polka dot themed Spring 2020 collections at the 2019 New York Fashion Week. Although polka dots have been within the fashion world for years, you’ll be seeing plenty of them this spring — in all colors, shapes and sizes. This staple pattern is for those looking to update their closet without looking trippy with all that houndstooth or looking like your textbook after your professor reminds you to highlight only the important parts of the text.

As we are all broke students who must spend our paychecks on coffee, the runway collections are far out of our budget. Less expensive brands are just as trendy and have you covered. A $30 ASOS t-shirt dress can be dressed up for a fancy dinner, or down for a casual look on a sunny, spring day. The jet-black dress is embellished with white mini-polka dots and ribbons upon the sleeves.

Men can certainly hop on this fashion statement with the Forever 21 men’s $25 classic polka dot shirt. The button-up elevates any outfit without making it overbearing. Pair the shirt with some black jeans and a sports coat, and you’re ready to walk out the door.


As we embark on a new decade, don’t be afraid to rock these seemingly daunting 2020 fashion trends. If you’re not ready to leave all your neutral, unpatterned clothes behind (I know I’m not), start small by integrating accessories into your closet. Soon you’ll realize that the highlighter look might just be a lifestyle.