Self-care is key to college success, and sleep is a crucial aspect of that. Sometimes, getting a good night’s rest is more important than studying that extra hour. To keep you firing on all cylinders for the remainder of the semester, the Wheel compiled a list of the comfiest, coziest spots on campus to catch some Z’s. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by your assignments, head over to one of these spots and get an hour or two of shut-eye.

The Side Room by the Matheson Reading Room

You may know this spot by its alternate name: the Garden of Eden. This rarely occupied room, located to the right of the reading room as you walk across the bridge on the third floor of Robert W. Woodruff Library, boasts not one, not two, but three plaster replicas of ancient Roman sculptures. Two of the statues are of muscular Romans (#fitnessgoals) and there’s also a frieze of some horses along the wall, if you’re into that. In addition to the unmatched historical ambiance, the ceiling is partially glass and the 10 chandeliers are a particularly nice touch — tuition money well spent. The orangish-brown couches are recommended for optimal napping. You can expect perfect silence during your stay, except for the occasional student banging on the emergency exit door, demanding to be let in. Though it may stir you from your slumber, it adds a healthy dose of schadenfreude to any napper’s day. Also, if you try to talk on your phone in here, you may be asked to drop out of school.

Cox Computing Center

For any seasoned napper, Cox Computing Center is a great on-campus resource. Open from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, the Computing Center on the second floor of Cox Hall features couches that run from one end of the building to the other, and Fatboy bean bags, perfect for curling up in. In addition, Cox’s luxurious napping pods are easily accessible from anywhere on campus, but secluded enough to allow for peaceful sleep. Who needs stacks when you have pods?

Beckham Grove

If you like the idea of hiking, but only in theory, you might try napping on one of the circular benches at Beckham Grove, located next to Candler Library. This beautiful enclave, built in 2000, offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Cox Bridge. The warm Atlanta sun, sponsored by Coca-Cola, will smile down on you from above. In the warmer months, the area is filled with squirrels and birds. The one downside to this napping spot is that it’s quite public, so you might have to interact with other people. It’s a huge drag, but I think you’ll find this slice of nature well worth it.

Schwartz Center Upper Lobby

Located on the second floor of the Schwartz Performing Arts Center, this long hallway is utterly devoid of people at almost any time of day, making it prime napping real estate. You can take your pick between longer wooden benches or shorter cushioned ones. Now that’s inclusion. As an additional perk, if you’re lounging around while there’s a concert going on, you can let the symphonic melodies lull you to sleep without paying a dime.

Your Calculus Exam

We’re all going to fail anyway, so why even try? Sleep through the exam, and study harder for the next one. But don’t just stay in bed. Go to the exam, and in the ultimate power move, snore loudly from beginning to end. The exam booklet makes an excellent pillow.

Atwood Chemistry Center Alcoves

The newly renovated chemistry building features spacious nooks on every floor of the lobby, perfect for the STEM-minded napper. The newly revamped chemistry curriculum isn’t loved by all, but the new couches that came with it are an undeniable boom. Although the area isn’t exactly quiet, the alcoves are comfortable enough to make up for it. They’re also stocked with National Geographic and Nature magazines, ideal if you want to alternate between stimulating science articles and snoozing. Pro tip: you can use the chemistry teaching labs to synthesize melatonin, a hormone that will put you right to sleep.


There you have it. These secluded locations are perfect if you need to recharge your batteries at any time of day. Classes demand a lot, but there’s no need to worry with this list at your side. Forget Starbucks, Peet’s or Highland; simply catch some Z’s at these primo spots.