Comedian and actor Maulik Pancholy will be the special guest for the College Council’s (CC) Culture Shock event on Nov. 9, multiple sources within CC, who wished to remain anonymous, have confirmed with the Wheel.

The event will take place in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building.

The Wheel first announced Pancholy’s visit on its Facebook page last week after confirming his visit with two College Council members.

Although Pancholy’s participation in Culture Shock is only one aspect of the event, CC leaders declined to comment on both Pancholy’s involvement in the event as well as the rest of the event’s specifics.

Pancholy is most recognizable for his roles as Sanjay on the show “Weeds” and Jonathan, Jack Donaghy’s trusted secretary, on “30 Rock.” Pancholy is also popular for his voice acting as Baljeet Tjinder in the Disney Channel show “Phineas and Ferb.”

According to sources in CC, the identity of Culture Shock’s “special guest” was intended to remain a secret up until a date closer to the event. But last week, sources within CC informed the Wheel that Pancholy would be coming to Emory for Culture Shock.

CC Vice President and College junior Adam Chan informed the Wheel that an announcement would be made regarding Pancholy’s participation in the event today due to contract stipulations. Chan declined to comment on specific stipulations of the contract.

However, CC Vice President of Communications and College junior Emily Bi informed the Wheel that CC had since decided to officially announce Pancholy’s participation tomorrow.